Pistol Opera

Pistol Opera

As one of Suzuki's last fims, it is related to his 1967 Branded to Kill, either as a remake or sequel. The plots of both films involve a third-ranked hit man deposing the top-ranked hit man to claim the top rank.

The No. 3 assassin of Japan is given the chance to usurp No. 1 and take their place. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Andrew C (de) wrote: So silly, but I guess it'd be entertaining for someone who's into the whole spoof genre; unfortunately I'm not one of them. There were some decent impersonations of the Expendables, in terms of mimicking their voices, towards the end.

Jordan B (nl) wrote: Herzog is a master and he proves that once again as he brings incredible life to these works of art dating up to thirty thousand years old. Beautifully and delicately displayed on film, these earliest works of art are irresistible.

Don E (us) wrote: Deep movie exploring deep issues of family and dying. You'll probably need tissues though there are comedy moments. Cast, cinematography, and story are all excellent. Each character is well formed. Confirms we are all human.

Lucas M (ru) wrote: Muito engraado, diverso do inicio ao fim.

Mohanraj N (fr) wrote: Stewardess School is a 1986 American comedy film starring Brett Cullen and Don Most & Directed by Ken Blancato. When frat boys Philo (Cullen) and George (Most) fail at becoming pilots, the duo decides to join Weidermeyer Academy, one of top stewardess schools in the country. During training, the guys encounter a group of misfits who run the gamut of quirkiness. The group end up bonding and they're all sent to the seedy Stromboli Airlines for their final test. During the cross country flight, which is filled with blind passengers, the group encounters a Mad Bomber (Rosenberg) who intends to blow up the plane. After the pilots get gassed by the bomber, it's up to the students to save the day.

Damien K (nl) wrote: First underground classic (?) I ever saw. I was slightly confused as to whether it was a movie or a documentary or just something altogether different. My friend who owned it gave me a little background info on all the Factory characters. Edie was a fascinating person and I also liked the young flying saucer builder.

Kate C (ru) wrote: Michael Caine and Shirley Maclaine are wonderful a they sleuth their way to perform the ultimate con.

Walter M (jp) wrote: In "General Della Rovere," Colonel Grimaldi(Vittorio De Sica), retired, makes his first appearance just after curfew ends in occupied Genoa at 6:00 am when he helps Nazi Colonel Mueller(Hannes Messemer) with a flat tire. Grimaldi just blew the money that was intended to bribe a Nazi Sergeant(Herbert Fischer) to ensure the release of a prisoner on gambling which he always loses at. And his trophy girlfriend Valeria(Sandra Milo) has nothing for him, intending to leave anyway, and any attempts to sell a fake jewel prove fruitless. Enter the piano tuner. While some might criticize "General Della Rovere" for getting off to a slow start before the plot eventually kicks in, I think it is more a case of a carefully told study of a character who could be viewed as something of a scoundrel, cad, con man, or thief.(Did I leave out anything?) However, what is most important about Grimaldi is that he does not just pocket all of the money; he does try and help his fellow Italians with his innate charm by bribing Nazis(in wartime, everybody has their roles to play.) who after five years of war are worn down and possibly see the writing on the wall.(The Sergeant wants to be paid in cash.) There is literal writing in the notices the Nazis post, promising death for everything more severe than spitting on the street(as you can see, Grimaldi has lots of business) which is only a small part of the arresting images(including some archival footage) that director Roberto Rossellini uses to create a powerful tale of occupied Italy during World War II while avoiding easy sentimentality.

Christine R (it) wrote: Pretty good WWII movie focused on the use of German POWs as spies. Question becomes how do you really trust a traitor? It is pretty intense as "Happy" proceeds on his mission and has to pass through multiple Gestapo check points. Nominated for Best Picture, but not sure if it was that good.

Brandon W (de) wrote: Superbad is directed by Greg Mottola, and it stars Jonah Hill and Michael Cera in a high school movie about 2 best friends that are about to graduate high school, and they have to get the alcohol for a party as they think that it'll impress the girls that they like. This is the first film that is actually written by Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg, and so far with the films that they wrote, I managed to enjoy them very much, which for this one, it made stars out of the actors, and with good reason also. Michael Cera and Jonah Hill work each other very well together and you can see about why they are best friends as it is very typical for those people to be high school students. Christopher Mintz-Plasse in his first film role has the comedic timing for the jokes, which gave me a laugh, and whenever he's with Seth Rogen and Bill Hader, their story is probably the most entertaining part of the film as they have a lot of fun chemistry, it's hilarious to watch, and it has a lot of heart from them, which they are just likable idiots. The writing by Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg is really good with some of the dialogue being really funny enough that rightfully deserves to be a meme. The beginning has got a lot of jokes that got a laugh out of me, but when it gets a bit close to the end, I wasn't really laughing as much as I thought I would've gotten from it. It does a good job portraying some of the high school students as very awkward as it can be relatable to anyone that was in high school. Superbad may not be one of the classics for the high school genre, but at least I'll find it memorable enough to stand out.

Viktor A (jp) wrote: Where is the plot exactly?

Noname (fr) wrote: This movie reminds me like a mix of Battle Royale and Running Man kinda. 10 prisoners are taken to an island where they will fight til death and the whole thing is broadcast on internet.. Much violence and cool characters like Vinnie Jones makes this movie worth seeing.