Pistolet, Kufar i 3 smurdyashti varela

Pistolet, Kufar i 3 smurdyashti varela

Pistol, Suitcase and Three stinking barrels is a gangster comedy which tells the story of the 23-year-old student Anton, a.k.a "The Beautiful". He has a dream but in order for it to come ...

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:98 minutes
  • Release:2012
  • Language:Bulgarian
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:gangster,   cocaine,   pistol,  

Pistol, Suitcase and Three stinking barrels is a gangster comedy which tells the story of the 23-year-old student Anton, a.k.a "The Beautiful". He has a dream but in order for it to come ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Patrick M (es) wrote: A very cool movie, its also hilarious, but definitely not for everyone. It might just be Takashi Miike's most mainstream movie of his that I've seen, but still pretty crazy as always.Its basically a thriller comedy about a likable teacher who goes on killing students and parents making it look like a suicide.Before you watch it, you have to know what you're in for, its one of those movies that doesn't take itself seriously, its satiric for most of the time and it knows just when to be funny. The story is pretty ridiculous, but it manages to be unexpected and thrilling, its also gory and pretty funny, it had the whole audience laughing.On the other hand, it was kind of messy like every other Takashi film, but these messy sequences and flashbacks are relieved by other scenes with interesting music choices that fit perfectly into whats going on, even adding a little humor to it, and some dance moments and funny dialogue by the students at the wrong moment. It felt similar to the first "Scream" and reminded me in some ways to the ridiculousness in Robert Rodriguez movies.I'd recommend it to people who liked "Django Unchained", "Battle Royale", "Machete", "Videodrome", "A Clockwork Orange", or any Takashi Miike film.

Mario L M (kr) wrote: Underdogs isn't a particularly nuanced film. It's obvious from the film's opening montage, that director Doug Dearth and writers David Latham and Benjamin Suarez are primarily interested in making an unabashed crowd pleaser that celebrates the importance of hard work, honesty and community by telling the fact-based story of a Ohio high school football team that beat the odds to become hometown heroes. In an age of endlessly convoluted blockbusters and morally ambiguous protagonists, some turn up their noses at such clear eyed, uncomplicated decency but a film this sweet is undeniably refreshing in a year where one of the highest grossing films of the year saw Superman resort to murder.The film follows tough but fair coach Vince DeAntonio (D.B. Sweeney) as he tries to turn the Division 4 Saint Thomas Aquinas Knights into a team of serious contenders. As opposed to Friday Night Light's Coach Taylor, DeAntonio isn't much for rousing locker room speeches, he's more of an old school taskmaster, the kind of guy who makes his boys run wind sprints after a losing game because he knows it'll make them do better next time. Sweeney does a great job conveying the steely determination that every great coach needs and letting the same steeliness drop when pursuing a low-key romance with a local bartender (Natalie Imbrugila). His isn't a showy performance but it has a lived in charm that is hard to deny.In a parallel storyline, William Mapother plays a soft-spoken factory worker and aspiring inventor named Bill Burkett who risks his finances and livelihood to develop a revolutionary new type of space heater. Coincidentally, Burkett is the father of St. Aquinas' star quarterback Bobby (Logan Huffman) and his struggle to assert his copyright against his conniving space heater magnate boss (Richard Portnow) mirrors his son's attempts to woo cheerleader Renee (Maddie Hasson) away from her domineering boyfriend (Charlie Carver) who just happens to be the quarterback for Aquinas' crosstown rival. At first glance, this storyline seems to needlessly draw attention away from the Knights quest to victory but Mapother's quietly powerful performance makes his journey one of the film's most compelling elements.With a film titled Underdogs, there isn't a lot suspense about whether or not the scrappy kids from the working class part of town will beat the snotty rich kids in the big game at the end of the movie. But plot twists aren't the draw for adapted from a true story movies like these, it's about reaffirming that sometimes the good guys do win and that they can keep their hands clean doing it. It works as a reminder that even in Ohio, it's possible for some hometown boys to do the impossible and pull off a win at the last second. Underdogs is a movie that you watch on those cold winter days when it seems like the Browns' can't complete a pass to save their lives to remind yourself that the potential for greatness lies in all of us.

Mike V (jp) wrote: A different look at the types of education facing a teenage schoolgirl. Well directed and acted, this classy coming-of-age drama also has a good mix of humour as well. A lesson well learned. AAN 1001

Emma B (fr) wrote: Boring, story line was un clear... all the movie has to offer is nudity if you are that way inclined, which I am not I felt it was un needed I suppose they needed it to make the movie memorable for something.

Gillian M (it) wrote: not as good as I thought I would be but still enjoyable! Michael Parks was amazing!

Private U (es) wrote: Sad, but important. If I ever get to teach Multi-Ethnic Lit, we'll watch this one. Too bad this hasn't gotten wider national attention, too.

Emmalee M (gb) wrote: lol. this movie was hilarious.

doris c (ru) wrote: good....romantic......

Kahlan W (nl) wrote: This movie blows me away every time I watch it!

Marylin I (gb) wrote: Enjoyed the movie. Cute.=)

Mike L (kr) wrote: This Was Was Okay Wasn't As Funny As The Original But Still Holds Its Own

Sausages M (ru) wrote: The first properly clever Waters film, and funny too. Obvious satire on 1950s melodrama and very well done. There really isn't much more to say about this except that it's worth watching. Another camp classic.

Blais E (ru) wrote: My second choice as Maestro Harryhausen's greatest endeavor, I saw this over & over when it was initially released. The fantasy creatures, as usual, are superbly designed & brought to life in Mr Harryhausen's inimitable style; the battle between the benign ape-like Troglodyte & the enormous Sabre-Toothed Tiger is breath-takingly rendered, as is the attack from the bizarre, insect-like ghouls early on. Jane Seymour, as Princess Farah, is as always, spectacularly beautiful, and the surprising casting of Big-Band songstress Margaret Whiting pays off in spades as she makes for a very memorable villainess as the conniving sorceress, Zenobia. The only drawback is the casting of The Duke's son, Patrick Wayne, as Sinbad--while certainly a handsome, pleasant, & amiable enough fellow, he was a terribly flat actor who had none of the charisma of his father, & his monotoned line delivery is coma-inducing.

Benji G (de) wrote: A near perfect film that perfectly encapsulates the film noir genre.

Armando P (fr) wrote: The movie Judge Dredd deserved.

Ryan M (ag) wrote: Way better than what I expected from a film released in 1982. "I didn't do anything!" Pretty much sums it up. Stupid small town sheriffs.

Fahri A (nl) wrote: This is the only good American Pie Film.