The story revolves around a beautiful girl brought up by her guru with the sole aim to avenge the wrongs done to her mother by those who were constant menace to peace.

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    4.00 out of 5
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  • Release:1972
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Pistolwali torrent reviews

Dave C (nl) wrote: This is a very moving and effective (and short!) film about the traditions of a people long absorbed into Soviet life but you retain bits and pieces of traditions often mutated into bizarre modern forms.Make sure you wear a warm coat when you see it as the temperature seems to drop to near zero as soon as the film starts!

NavLean K (nl) wrote: A powerful must see film.

SkyAmaon R (ca) wrote: Sadly the Joel McHale in main role as the oldest son, falls far short of making this movie a success it had the potential to be with the rest of the cast. Robin William and Candice Bergen did a great job as well as the others.

Paul C (mx) wrote: Not horror. Cute, Thai, romantic, action comedy about a man who rents out ghosts via the Internet and his battle w/ a rival ghost website. Fun references to other horror flicks (e.g. Hellraiser, The Ring). Around the same time, the male lead starred in a truly scary Thai film - the original "Shutter" (later remade for the US). Not the best subtitles in the world, but they work, for the most part.

Linda Kristin E (gb) wrote: This one is good...and it's indian hehhe:D

Amy T (nl) wrote: i did own it untill someone borrowed it an d never gave it back

maxwell w (it) wrote: the animation was terrible and the writing was meh. It would make a good cult film though. Can't say it's as bad as Trolland though.

Drew H (jp) wrote: Some hard hitting scenes and good acting from the cast but the over all narrative wasn't as compelling as the characters needed.

Ryan S (jp) wrote: Not as bad as most people say, but not remotely good either. Paul Rudd gives a solid performance however.

Mark P (br) wrote: A fine period film, but the storyline is basic.

Paul J (es) wrote: Sadly, Sellers died during the filming of this entry. Most of the film is developed around flashbacks. A sad farewell to a comic genius.

Jake A (es) wrote: Though this film does have its problems and is completely whacked out of its mind, it is worth viewing just because you will not have seen anything like it before. Plus it does have some good points like Julie Christie putting in a good performance, a good score, some awesome special effects and a few issues that wouldn't be tackled for some years later in other films.

Kale H (us) wrote: A whole ton of gory fun!

Amy H (ag) wrote: Not much of a movie, just plenty of gore really.

Jeff L (us) wrote: I just re-watched this "classic" again today. It's an interesting metaphor for loneliness and excessiveness all at the same time. I think this might make an interesting remake television series for Showtime. Just a suggestion.

Chris U (ru) wrote: This film is basically just one long epic episode of drugs, naked females, and partying. There is a plot and storyline but it almost seems second fiddle compared to everything going on around. The cast and crew definitely had loads of fun making this, however as a viewer you are left feeling empty and as if 1 hour 30 passed by and nothing really happened.