Pit Fighter

Pit Fighter

Jack Severino has no memory, all he knows is the brutal sport of Pit Fighting. When his past catches him up, he realizes he is not who he thought he was. For some men must fight for redemption.

Jack Severino has no memory, all he knows is the brutal sport of Pit Fighting. When his past catches him up, he realizes he is not who he thought he was. For some men must fight for redemption. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Greg D (us) wrote: What was probably a much more satisfying experience having not known what to be "catfished" was upon seeing this film in 2010 is still a gripping tale. It's hard to believe some of it wasn't staged, but at the same time, who knows?

Dont B (br) wrote: Missing some key matches (most notably his match with Stone Cold at SummerSlam '98 and anyone of his matches with Ultimate Warrior), but all in all a pretty solid chronicle of his career up until 2004.

Cam E (gb) wrote: Pixar has done it again! Toy Story 3 is a rare fantastic second sequel. It is incredible how amazing this film is! This film definitely deserves another rare 5 star rating from me as it is just amazing. I gave both Toy Story 1 and Toy Story 2 very good ratings as they were both very good. I love the idea of Toy Story 3, it is a whole new idea which I don't think anybody expected and all the new characters in Toy Story 3 definitely make this film incredible and like the other two films I could watch this film anytime! Toy Story 3 is an amazing film and definitely a very good second sequel. The first film was directed by both John Lassiter and Lee Unkrich. The second film was directed by John Lassiter, Lee Unkrich and Andrew Stanton. This film was directed by just Lee Unkrich and he was able to direct this film and directed it well. This film definitely doesn't disappoint. Well done to Lee Unkrich. And I am hoping that Toy Story 4 when it is released in 2018 will be another good one.

Eman B (au) wrote: this movie was a pleasure to watch its witty funny smart

Fan M (au) wrote: ???????????????????????

Chris R (gb) wrote: One of my favorite films. It really does capture teenage angst and rebellion.

Lee M (jp) wrote: A cerebral horror film that delves into the inner sanctums of the twisted human mind and really does call out flashes of Lynch quite constantly.

Connor S (ru) wrote: Death Race 2000 is a famous cult action movie about people killing other people with cars, that's about it. The movie tries to have a plot about a totalitarian government, which seems to satirize the entertainment we watch now. However, everything about the movie is done so poorly that the plot doesn't really matter. The acting is really terrible (Sylvester Stallone made up for this with Rocky) and the action really shows it age. Instead of finding this fun, I just thought that this was a very boring movie, and while it is significantly better than it's remakes, it's still not a very good movie.

Michael A (jp) wrote: This movie made in the middle of the MGM years is okay. Same plot as all the other MGM movies. The brothers help a young couple in love. Blah blah blah. There are a couple of laughs, but not really any of those classic Marx Brother moments as in other films. The same formula is wearing a little thin by this time. Also, there are too many musical numbers excluding the brothers. I love the Marx Brothers, I really do, but the material is running a little thing by this time.

Prashant C (mx) wrote: This one by Cameron Crowe is a special film for me because I was so overwhelmed by it that I named my dog Jerry. I had the VCD and the soundtrack and once even thought of buying an original poster of the movie but somehow backed out at the last minute.This 1996 film which won Cuba Gooding Jr. a Best Supporting Actor Academy Award and would always be remembered for the celebration on the stage after winning the Oscar more than the role of the american football player Rod Tidwell. This film gave not one but three immortal one liners:- "You had me at Hello" by the character Dorothy Boyd played by Renee Zellweger towards the end "You complete me" by Jerry played by Tom Cruise in the end soliloquy "Show me the money" by Rod to JerryThis film took sports based movies and placed them intermixed with a janor of serious cinema with a lot of weight in the emotions and not just goose bump speeches and screeching end games. It had the pathos of the Bronx Black with the militant Bro' and their family bonding and the Agent with a heart, which calls for one standing ovation. It had wonderful soundtrack with gems by Bruce Springsteen and Bob Dylan and gave Hollywood a cute child star in Jonathan Lipnicki who later on starred in the Stuart Little films before inevitably fading away. The movie was another chance for Tom Cruise to nab the Golden Statuette, his best chance after the Born on the fourth of July but missed out to Geoffrey Rush for Shine. It tugged at your heart strings and the love story blossomed without impinging on the storyline and also has great repeat value so I guess don't go for a rental on this one PLEAASSEEE!!!!Bonnie Hunt plays Dorothy's 'disapproving sister Laurel' with a charm that remains with you after the popcorn is over and the ready to cry Rod is the sweetest character even with all that brawn. Cameron Crowe has always been one of my favorite directors with gems like 'Singles' and a very decent 'Almost Famous' but he has left his imprint on our hearts with a great story and better performance in this one. He then fizzled with Vanilla Sky and Elizabethtown and am eagerly waiting for him to bounce back.It exposed the underbelly of Professional sports and yet was never too moralistic to become obnoxious. It had Tom Cruise but the camera looked beyond him on some amazing ensemble cast performances to uplift the film out of the lot of ordinary dime a dozen sports based films. It had the heart in the right place and came out as a film with a great story pieced together by gems for moments to cherish like the Jerry-Laurel banters and the Tidwell family bonhomie.This had the least footage of sports action for a sports based film and did not do very good for the image of the sports agents who came out as hardcore sharks with a moneybag for a heart. I must have seen this one for over 20 times and I even lip sync on many of the scenes when I rewatch it over the years. My dog lived for over 9 years and everytime I shouted his name a frame of the film danced in front of my eyes one more time. This one is in my top ten movie list (which I would share with you one of these days) and definitely worth many a dekko.

Jaime R (ag) wrote: Adam Sandler just so desperately wants a laugh to the point he rips off Capra.

Cedric L (it) wrote: Fun but sensitive, great soundtrack to boot.

Aakash G (ag) wrote: Paul(reading a poem) : My mother makes me chicken. Her chicken makes me cough. I wish that when she made it, she at least took the feathers off.despite the good performances from the cast ,it was still at most just another time killer courtesy its weak story!