Pit Stop

Pit Stop

Richard Davalos plays Rick Bowman, a drag racing street punk who comes to the attention of car enthusiast Grant Willard. Willard bails him out of jail and offers him sponsorship as a race car driver. Bowman eventually accepts and becomes entranced by the tricky "figure eight" track Willard introduces him to. The king of the track is cocky and talented hot dogger Hawk Sidney (Hill regular Sid Haig in one of his most memorable and entertaining roles). Bowman and Sidney clash and Bowman sets his sights on knocking the latter of his perch while stealing his girl Jolene. This is just the beginning for the ruthless Bowman who will let nobody stand in his way and will attempt to destroy any man, and seduce any woman who crosses his path. Pretty soon he has his eyes on Ellen McLeod the wife of champion racer Ed McLeod who he befriends. Will he betray his friends and colleagues on the eve of The Big Race, or will he finally discover he has a conscience?

The film revolves around the ruthless exploits of a driver who do anything to win it all in the racing world. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jorge G (us) wrote: Hands down the worst movie i have seen in my life

Josh G (gb) wrote: worth watching. hippies are an entertaining marriage of idealism and naivety. best line: "some of us wanted to be more than a consumer and an employee."

Anthony B (nl) wrote: Favourite Christmas movie

David J (nl) wrote: It was ok. Not bad at all. Animation was fine, and the story was competent, but it didn't blow me away or anything.

Ben W (kr) wrote: How did this script and casting get funding? I think i'd waste a wish to make it never happen. Even the special effects have lost their effect regressing to the level of a college drop out without any imagination

Tameeka G (jp) wrote: I liked this action filled movie with a love twist at the end

jesse m (es) wrote: loved it!!! very good movie.

Bill J (gb) wrote: I loved this one. Classic Clive Barker.

Laura F (jp) wrote: I could not understand a word Mad said. There were so many over the top tropes in this movie.

Rick F (gb) wrote: There are so many great things about this film ("You don't dance, you don't smoke, you don't drink ... what do you do?") ... oh, it's just perfect the way it is.