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Pitbull torrent reviews

Andrew P (fr) wrote: Absolute rubbish.Very very low budget, no zombies, mostly about people sitting in a shed drinking.

Piotrek P (kr) wrote: Kudos to you James Nguyen. You made an even worse film. I did not believe you were capable of that. I salute you.

Phpfast F (mx) wrote: I had seen this movie as I wanted to know about India and see this country, but I was shocked that there is nothing positive shown in this movie regarding India and I got the message from this movie that in India everyone is a thieve, corrupt, ignorant, criminal and poor.. I don't know that what was the purpose of making of this movie other than to show this face of India to the foreign counties.........

Robert E (us) wrote: When I taught TV Production I loved teaching TV history, the kids hated it. It was the history of the last half of the 20th Century. One of the early stars that I remember from pre-school childhood was Molly Goldberg. She wrote, starred in one of the first comedy sitcoms before there was Lucy and the rest. Early TV had shows starring Afro-Americans (Beulah), Amos and Andy, and then there was Molly Goldberg (Jewish family in the Bronx). Before network suits sanitized early TV it was a melting pot of ethnic, cultural fabric of America. This documentary gives a great view of the period and one of its original stars. I loved Molly, she was the grandmother I never had and wanted. She was the first lady of TV comedy and brilliant talent. Won the first Emmy for female comedian and later went on to theater to win a Tony.

Kyle C (es) wrote: Comedy Trilogies, do they work, well yes, normally they do work, that is if the same director directs all of them, but when the director is changed, so is the chemistry. Granted, this movie has enough laughs for me to recommend it, something is definitely different. Ben Stiller is fine as Greg Focker, but Robert De Niro, Dustin Hoffman, and the rest of the regular cast seem forced, and Owen Wilson & Jessica Alba are extremely annoying. It is sad because at certain points in this movie, it is very funny, if you watch this just to laugh you won't be disappointed, but if you're looking for an actual good movie, you will be. It does continue the story of Meet the Parents, but it goes many different ways and the characters are very different. Not horrible, just different.

Timothy S (it) wrote: Few movies in recent memory hit as close to home as "Reservation Road" does, a beautifully acted and painfully realized drama that is at times very hard to watch. The three leads are so good, and the subject matter is so heartfelt that there are a couple of scenes here that feel almost too real and I wanted to turn away. It feels like you're eavesdropping on these character's lives, and that makes this a very effective movie. Jennifer Connelly hasn't been this good since her Oscar win in "A Beautiful Mind", and Joaquin Phoenix is tremendously powerful in his own respect. But I was most impressed with Mark Ruffalo, who is quickly becoming one of the most dependable actors working today. All three actors hit every scene and line perfectly when it would be so easy to overact and take this over the top. The movie just feels so real. The only minor problem I had with the picture is the fact that a few of the key plot developments are pretty major coincidences. Phoenix hiring the man who killed his son and his ex-wife being their kid's music teacher are a stretch, but they don't take anything away from the film's almost mesmerizing power. Even Mira Sorvino's quiet, mature performance makes up for her last half dozen lesser movies. I started to worry once the Phoenix character purchases a gun that this would head into "Death Wish" territory, but director Terry George and the novel's author avoid the cliches and keep the film on track. It all leads to a very satisfying conclusion, and makes "Reservation Road" one of the year's very best.

Myriam h (us) wrote: Very nice little movie. Was told a lot when it came out, I looked & were very much like her.

John R (kr) wrote: 161205: "And I looked, and behold a pale horse: and his name that sat on him was Death, and Hell followed with him." - The Book of Revelation, Chapter 6, Verse 8. The mysterious Preacher (Clint Eastwood), Death, brings protection, and a little too much belief, to a group of miners tormented by a powerful mining corporation and its owner, Coy LaHood (Richard Dysart). Some fun and unique characters including the beautiful Megan Wheeler (Sydney Penny); Club, more likely recognized as "Jaws" (Richard Kiel) of James Bond fame; Josh LaHood (a youthful Chris Penn) and Deputy Mather (Billy Drago). Love the unexplained relationship between the Preacher, Sheriff Stockburn (John Russell) and his deputies. Though paced a little slow, Pale Rider keeps the viewer focused enough to prepare for the impending violence. The mystical nature of this film is addictive and the unexplained relationships demand explanation...but receive none.

Gavin S (mx) wrote: A Dystopian future (2022 - only 8yrs away! from a movie made 41 years ago!) where there's no food, due to environmental catastrophes. Enter Charlton Heston as Thorn, the police detective investigating the murder of a high ranking individual in the Soylent Company (the great Joseph Cotten) something is rotten, and Thorn, with his friend Sol (The legendary Edward G. Robinson in his final film role, is superb and lends a gravitas this would otherwise have been missing) dig deeper and find out the horrible secret behind Soylent Green. This is one of those semi-classics, which isn't quite as amazing as we hope it will be, but still is pretty cool, as old Sci-Fi Dystopian Future movies usually are. *SPOILERS*There is a death scene for Sol, and I can imagine it hit home at the time when Robinson died for real as well, a very peaceful, yet still sad end.

Larry W (ag) wrote: scared me as a kid.. John Goodman's portrayal of the exterminator still sits in my head.

Irene M (kr) wrote: If you read or saw the Hunger Games, have you seen this?