A man wanders into a seemingly deserted town with his young son in search of work. But after a bit of bad luck, he joins the town's population of lost souls.

A man wanders into a seemingly deserted town with his young son in search of work. But after a bit of bad luck, he joins the town's population of lost souls. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Pitfall torrent reviews

VV W (ru) wrote: Well this is one of the better ones and the dance sequences were ok but I really wasn't attached to barbies friend

ScubaSteve Walter M (ru) wrote: The making of a terrorist is displayed splendidly in this thriller. I wish the real life problem of terrorism can be this easy to solve.

Newton W (kr) wrote: There are 3 reasosn I watch this film: Estella Warren, Christian Kane, and Sacramento. Overall, this movie is pretty flat, not commercial enough to be mainstream, not cool enough to be independent. Sac town residents (like myself) may enjoy some local scenes.

Trevor W (us) wrote: good cast, shit movie

kivernitis I (ca) wrote: FROM THE EDGE OF THE CITY, Greece's official submission for the best Foreign Film Oscar, is a multi-layered film that can likewise appeal to many spheres of society. In (homophobic?) Greece, it has been viewed as a serious study of urban angst, involving immigrant Russian Greeks avoiding any mention of the film's overkill gay content. Nevertheless, it has been a box-office success, though mainstream Greece dares not mention one of the reasons for the success is the (paid) love that likewise dares not mention its name. In contrast, the film's international exposure up to now, prior to the Oscar nominations, has been almost exclusively at International Gay Film Festivals: San Francisco and, particularly Verzaubert, which tours Germany's largest cities, including Berlin where I saw it. The American-accented openly gay director of the film (one of the few Greek professionals who has dared come out of the closet) made a point of explaining this to the all-male sold-out crowd in Berlin in late November. He made the movie as a labor of love; out of his fixation on the leading character, which, like the rest of the cast, are not professional actors, just real Russian-Greek immigrant youth. These guys' desperate quest to get ahead in the European Union's consumer-driven society leads them to crime, including male prostitution, though they themselves exploit female prostitutes. Add to those conflicts, the homoerotic overtones of these teenage guys' physical contacts, realization and open discussion of their lives as homosexual prostitutes, and the film exceeds any definition of a gay film. This is very clear. That notwithstanding, many will continue to be in denial of this, and look at the film as social commentary, as an immigration tragedy, as a generational-conflict movie. Indeed, this movie can be many things to many people.

Jason K (nl) wrote: overall im not sure the reasons this was made the way it was, edited and paced the way it was, or done in english (seriously). there are respectable actors in this that are the essence of question in the "why"?

Marrteen B (fr) wrote: Love in L.A; A-typical, semi-autobiographical romantic comedy.

Robert P (br) wrote: Masterpiece retelling of the Bob Ford story. Great ambiguity running right through this with Fuller determined that no-one should shine as totally good and no-one on the opposite side

Jesus H (fr) wrote: So so. weak acting at times. moderate character development. Odd ending. Interesting story though.

Mychal S (gb) wrote: A very challenging, provocative film. Its ambiguousness is only better served by its ambivalence. It may be too vague, but this movie was definitely made to stick with you, to live on well past it's final moment. And it most certainly does.

Robert S (ru) wrote: Don't know why facebook has called it '(too much)' OOH Dorex!! Great film.