Pitkä kuuma kesä

Pitkä kuuma kesä

The story of a rock band "Kalle Päätalo" in the 1980s.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:100 minutes
  • Release:1999
  • Language:Finnish
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:rock,   1980s,  

The story of a rock band "Kalle Päätalo" in the 1980s. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Venkat M (gb) wrote: was expecting some intelligence. not found.

Bill T (ag) wrote: This DVD starts off showing previews of movies that look like they were filmed with a home video camera from the seventies. I could not tell if this was for budget reasons or because the video quality had to be lowered to the quality of the acting. My wife asked if the real movie is going to be of the same quality. I said no this is a good movie according to yahoo which hardly is ever wrong. Yahoo rated this movie with an A+ and I strongly disagree. I rented this from Red Box for a dollar and I feel like I am due a refund because it was so cheesy. There is a phrase from another well known movie and that is stink, stank, stunk!

Fred P (jp) wrote: I watched Redacted (2007) last night. I was reminded of the movie, Casualties of War (1989), also directed by Brian De Palama. I recommend both movies. During war some American soldiers act heroically, but other soldiers act despicable. Redacted is filmed from the point of view of a soldier(TM)s camcorder, a security camera, Skype conversations, videos posted on jihadist and YouTube websites.

William W (de) wrote: Knee-deep in the throes of my first love, I was quite surprised to hear that my lady's favourite movie was 'Joe Versus the Volcano'. (I still haven't seen the film). It dawned on me, when I wanted to check out an American film which, to my knowledge, had a plethora of fine acting, that this was written and directed by the same guy who made that film much earlier. Being raised Christian and hearing in the press over the past few years about misdeeds, especially involving leaders of the Catholic church (represented in films as diverse as 'The Boys of St. Vincent' (John N. Smith, 1992) and 'In Bruges' (Martin McDonagh, 2008), I was especially intrigued by this, his work of more recent vintage.The ambiguity at the core of the film (and hence the 'doubt') really acts in the movie's favour. The script and direction are both tense and flawless, and the beautiful New York locations chosen to illustrate The Bronx in 1964 help air the play out, and give it more cinematic scope. It features some of the finest work I have seen from Philip Seymour Hoffman (though my favourites will always be 'Happiness' and 'The Master'), Meryl Streep (my most-esteemed works of hers are 'The Deer Hunter' and 'The Devil Wears Prada') and Amy Adams (this is her finest performance IMHO) as well as a breakthrough role for Viola Davis, who steals every scene she's in. This easily holds up well even with Shanley's Oscar-winning screenplay for 'Moonstruck', and, though dark and depressing, is thoroughly recommended for those who can stomach its subject matter, and peer into that abyss without flinching, as these fine exemplars of 21st-century American cinema so easily do here.That it didn't win any of its five Oscar nominations is almost as ghastly, to the cinephile, as the misdeeds insinuated here are to the community at large. Must have been a strong year for film, methinks.

Jason P (nl) wrote: Melik Malkasian is excellent, but the rest of the acting is typical low budget indie caliber. The story is cute but it wraps everything up way too quickly and very unbelievably. The love interest was not very interesting at all.

Cris H (ca) wrote: This is what happens when you have 10k no talent directing. Lots of monologue and no action. I can't believe Pat Morita even had a cameo. Raw audio on interior shots. You get to hear the room echo, all the clothes make noise with every movie, the sounds of the vinyl couch squeak. Too bad there is a direct to video market for this crap.

Tara T (kr) wrote: The character developement is great, a realistic, sad yet hopeful movie. Loved the two main characters: Pavel Liska & Tatiana Vilhelmov. Even the sad/disturbed mother was a wonderful actress. Good film.

Cynthia S (us) wrote: I really like Terrence Howard, and this movie was pretty good. Despite being super-sweet (to the point of saccharine), and being emotionally heavy-handed, I still had tears well in my eyes from time to time. While not overtly racist, this film was subtly racist. In the entire film there was only one positive white character, and he was only shown briefly at the beginning. Many of the white characters were blatantly, and ridiculously evil. BUT..I understood the meaning of the movie, and I did enjoy it.

Nathalie Z (ca) wrote: One of my favorite films, with funny banter, great action scenes and good acting. It's atmosphere and characters remind me of animation or manga.

Indu R (ru) wrote: A good action movie. I liked the action and the plot.

Grant H (ca) wrote: Not that good. Not very interesting, somewhat entertaining, a good performance from Arquette, but a poorly executed idea, with a conflicted style.

Deepesh K (ag) wrote: Love shows in so many ways,those who Lovewill always see it,It speaks in so many voices,those who Lovewill always hear it ...

Drew H (br) wrote: Haven't seen this since I was really little and it was on TV, but loved it then.