Pixies: Acoustic - Live in Newport

Pixies: Acoustic - Live in Newport


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Pixies: Acoustic - Live in Newport torrent reviews

Caesar M (gb) wrote: My feelings towards the news outlet is represented by the film "Natural Born Killers" in which it depicts news media commercializing violence. Sure not all news media outlet are out solely seeking profit, but it has become less trustworthy with facts distortion, false story testimony, hypocritical political stance that change on a whim, and hundreds of other issues. "The Terror Live" yes does to a degree support my views on the news media outlet; however, as a film it achieves all the high mark needed for a perfect rating. Excellent writing for the story it's telling, high production values regardless of budget, a magnificent cast, and a key understanding of what genre fans want while also making it accessible for the average viewer. The Terror Live follows Young-Hwa Yoon, once a top national news anchor attempting to get his title back through an exclusive live broadcast with a terrorist. One thing to note about "The Terror Live" is the amount of creativity put into it taking entirely place in just one broadcast room. Starting things simple and low key for the introduction of protagonist Yoon as an unhappy radio host. It builds beyond that point doing the basics of introducing the premise, the characters, and the conflict setting them immediately in placed. Developing in real time we're able to witness everything fleshed out right before our eyes. Being an immersive experience that's often not capture by written words. For this reason we bare witness the now common practice report it first get it right later mentality of web journalism with the disillusionment and frustration that come from it. It's not far fetched concept nowadays nor is the way how the film tackle this too refrain from reality. Motivations for a live terrorist broadcast make senses from the characters angle going beyond the underline that in the end it's about money. Never does it tell you swallow it owns views rather ask how reliable news reporting is up to the viewer to determine for themselves. For the first two act there's very little to complain about (some of the character development is conventional, but it's better than nothing). Slowly building up to its climax for the two act are flawlessly written keeping the story essentials engaging while building upon what already placed. What will ultimately determine how your reaction on the film as a whole will be with the third act. Revealing the terrorist and his rather disappointing reason behind his actions, though even in context his action could be perceived as overblown. Yet these complaints would automatically be labeled as flaws sneakily tie into how preconceived the media in the film. How much of we what see and hear is reliable from the sources we get this information from and how much do we accept of it as the truth and a work of fiction. Writer/director Kim Byeong-woo had a taunting task of not only writing a film in just one setting, but also filming it. What instantly catches the eye is the camera being constantly in motion and creating momentum. The camera serves as a tool showing details among the cast anxiety of the situations to creating a feeling of entrapment with little to no influence to change its outcome. Alongside with editing effectively emoting the anxiety felt by its protagonist. Kim Byeong-woo makes great use of all his available resources and intelligently knows how to use them properly. For example, the bridge that has partly collapsed can almost at all times only be seen from a distance and thus the CGI effects look always looks great. Star Ha Jeong-woo does good work in revealing Yoon's motivations through his performance instead of solely through dialogue, and his arc is clearer because of it. Gradually upping the dosages of anxiety and doubt he injected Yoon's smug veneer, the actor has managed to portray a man quickly losing his moorings, but having to at least pretend he's putting up a good fight. Staying on him almost exclusively straying only to offer glimpses through windows or to TV screens, and he carries the responsibility with energy and believability. The Terror Live fits the term masterful filmmaking in all category. It's an intelligent thriller with a fresh and new concept not widely seen that keeps your attention right to the very end. Doing more so entertaining its audience its asks the bold question of who are the real terrorist in a depiction that purely gray where no simple answer in sight.

Javier T (us) wrote: I bough it for $20. Worth the price.

Deb T (nl) wrote: interesting. pure core muscles are amazing to see in action. It is a 'strange' show but good for the hard core fans who appreciate the I thought it was at a disney type resort at first. What a beautiful set. Great! Now I have to go to Montreal~!

Michael M (mx) wrote: To me, this is Robin Hood. I honestly can't remember a single thing about Russell Crowe's 2010 movie as it was nothing like this one. Looking back it's about 20 minutes too long but Alan Rickman as the evil Sheriff of Nottingham is legendary.

Mike N (de) wrote: ANNE PARILLAUD,kill me slowly with your body!

Nicki M (it) wrote: This is a movie I remember from when I was young. It used to be on tv a lot and it was one I was allowed to sit up late and watch. I haven't seen it for quite some time, so I was happy to find the DVD for $6. I have to admit, it did not age quite as well as I thought. That is some spectacularly bad hair on Melanie Griffiths, even by 80's standards. There's a lot I still like about this movie - strong young woman bettering herself and working her way out of the typing pool, and moving on from a cheating sleaze who doesn't treat her well, but through adult eyes, I really didn't like that she still actually did need the help of the man to get there. And I had a few cynical smiles at the "happy ending". Day in day out at the office - it may not be all it's cracked up to be!

Ken S (gb) wrote: Weird, low budget, yet surprisingly entertaining first film from Peter "Lord of the Rings" Jackson. New Zealand is invaded by aliens who want to grind up humans for meat at their intergalactic fast food chain. It is B-movie schlock at it's best...Peter Jackson knows the material is ridiculous and just an excuse for gore, but he never takes it too seriously and the gore is great. Also at some point, for no apparent reason, a sheep explodes after being hit by a missile. What's not to like?

Luke H (fr) wrote: Bruce Lee's moments in this film are hashed together from past films and various angles so that you never really twig that it isn't him.

Chris M (de) wrote: Extremely enjoyable 70's cop movie with some great performances and a quick pace. A must for fans of 70's cinema and" buddy" movies.

MarcAndr R (gb) wrote: On dirait un mlange entre Tintin et Indiana Jones. Le film n'est pas trs bon, presque inintressant. Il a malgr tout le mrite de nous faire dcouvrir des paysages inconnus, d'ailleurs et du pass. Certains des plans sont d'une beaut incroyable.

SirChas m (fr) wrote: Dick Powell may not be the most discussed Philip Marlowe on screen, but he got the role spot on in this one, while even managing to get cute.

Darrin C (ca) wrote: Pretty much a direct continuation of the first movie with slightly better angles since introducing characters in the original Rocky.

Mark I (kr) wrote: 5 out of 5 brilliant film about Martin Luther King Jr, top notch performances from everyone involved, sad thing tho about how all the the political topics the film speaks about are still incredibly relevant now

Jerry S (ag) wrote: Beautifully horrible. A must for only the truest horror fan

J B (it) wrote: Kaya Scodelario shines in the tense but preposterous "Tiger House."