Pixote, in Memoriam

Pixote, in Memoriam


  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:77 minutes
  • Release:2007
  • Language:Portuguese,English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:lost film,  

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Pixote, in Memoriam torrent reviews

arif s (ru) wrote: could have been more better film.....actually i didnt like it much.........

Diane J (kr) wrote: Loved this! If you want a laugh and cry all in an hour an a half, this delivered.

Michael J (jp) wrote: Below average teen ghost movie. Nothing new or remotely interesting here... Only positive thing about Kollegiet is that it looks very good. Nicely shot.

Imran R (au) wrote: when lions (military) are being led into war by lambs (politicians)

Zack B (fr) wrote: Not as bad as everyone says. It's funny and it's well acted. The presentation also looks nice at parts but it's not Disney's best movie by a longshot!

Phillie E (mx) wrote: "If cancer were pretentious, it would be Garden State."

Mike C (au) wrote: A little more splatter violence than I remember when I saw this the first time. Gladiatorial car races set in a destopian future (well 4 years after 2008 when it was made) using convicts, some on trumped up offences. Part Running Man, part Mad Max, lots of spare parts and broken vehicles. Jason Statham, Tyrese Gibson, Joan Allen playing the villan warden and (early US appearance) Jason Clarke as her henchman guard.

Nitish A (jp) wrote: This is actually a great film. Even the lengthy run time some how reflects what it is trying to convey.

Hong N (mx) wrote: Yeah, I may be biased. But its still a great work of lyrical cinema, very true to the mid-nineties.

Sam M (de) wrote: I was compelled by this film as a child. I was surprised to find myself equally as compelled as an adult! Great story, intriguing tone and a lot of fun.

Thomas S (ag) wrote: Maybe one of the first "stylish action flicks" involving slow motion, "thriller" set the tone for many of the grindhouse movies we have today, like kill bill (Elle driver is actually based off of this movies character.) I recommend it to anyone who enjoys revenge plots.

David F (ru) wrote: The characters in this movie were GREAT (Imogene Poots's character and her story especially), but the plot could have used some work. The film had a solid first half, but then it lost it's way in the second half.6/10

Valerie F (es) wrote: I went to the German film festival in Vendome to see this film with a group of pupils and it was a nice surprise!

Ryan C (mx) wrote: Directed by Ron Howard and based on a true story, "Cinderella Man" is an enjoyable and thrilling underdog story about boxing legend James Braddock who literally fights to put food on the table for his family, However, what he doesn't realize is that the whole country is rooting for him as he is the only entertainment that can cheer up a nation that is struggling through the Great Depression.The boxing sequences are decent, not "Rocky" level though, and the heart-wrenching underdog story is the perfect combination of touching and powerful. Russell Crowe plays Braddock with such grittiness, but also with a full heart, that his performance is highly memorable in addition to Rene Zellweger who plays his wife. However, Paul Giamatti steals the show with performance as Braddock's trainer and manager.

Alexander G (it) wrote: The movie tried too hard to "Play It Cool" and overuses daydream/fantasy sequences and voice over narration. Chris Evans and Michelle Monaghan have decent on screen chemistry though it is never used to its potential. The movie shows that even with a star filled ensemble cast a weak script and bad direction can make a sub-par cliche ridden rom-com.

Nadia H (de) wrote: it was long, boring and without a plot story-line ... and the dialog, and acting were quite torturous. that is - until the end; last 5 or so minutes were quite enjoyable ...

Viktor N (it) wrote: As viewed from a movie point of view.. it was f* horrible.. what a complete waist of time to even make.. One star for the music but that's it..