Aidan Quinn (Legends of the Fall,) and Rachel Griffiths (Six Feet Under) star in Plainsong, a Hallmark Hall of Fame presentation based on the novel by Kent Haruf. Tom Guthrie (Quinn), a high school history teacher, is faced with raising two young sons after his wife leaves him. Maggie Jones (Griffiths), a fellow teacher, tries to provide comfort and support. When a 17-year old student at their school becomes pregnant, their lives become interlocked with other seeming misfits in their small Colorado town. Gradually, they all grow to need and depend on each other, and ultimately, they build more than a community; they create a family.

Hallmark Hall of Fame presentation based on the novel by Kent Haruf. Tom Guthrie (Aidan Quinn), a high school history teacher... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Ryan A (br) wrote: Great plot and action

Amy F (ru) wrote: Being the fourth installment of the step up movies it didn't lose its amazing features. This time ballet and hip hop came together to face a demolition company from destroying their territory.

Allen G (us) wrote: A genuinely horrifying look at recent political history. It's right up there with 'Standard Operating Procedure' as a must-watch look at America's role in recent conflicts and the ethical implications of it. Torture is obviously a difficult topic for a documentary film to address, given its dark nature, however, 'Taxi to the dark side' is unflinching and scrupulous with its look at the detainment and abuse of many completely-innocent people at the hands of the US Army.It will leave you sad and angry but it won't leave you in the dark on this important topic.

Tony (it) wrote: Not a perfect movie, but it was perfect for me. I'm actually had little experience with the flaming lips or their music (though I like what little I've heard), but even of it's own accord I found this movie incredibly entertaining. A unique mixture of avant garde & psychedelic sensibilities with classic sci-fi B movie camp.

Jen M (us) wrote: Great backyard adventure has somemild horror moments. Ages 7+

Shuo L (it) wrote: i can sing the song.....

Jerry K (br) wrote: Charming movie, even if Jimmy Stewart is too old to be courting Kin Novak. Nice take on witchcraft. Excellent supporting cast.

Adam S (mx) wrote: "Changing Lanes" is a solid entry into the filmography of superstar leads Ben Affleck and Samuel L. Jackson despite suffering from a few tonal inconsistencies.Importantly, the film has some important things to say regarding the class divide between Affleck's lawyer and Jackson's struggling father, and the film also benefits from a fine supporting cast that includes Toni Collette, William Hurt, Sydney Pollack and Amanda Peet.The ending doesn't really do much with the message though, and the film finishes up feeling marginally incomplete.