Planet Earth: Episode 6

Planet Earth: Episode 6


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Planet Earth: Episode 6 torrent reviews

Raphael G (fr) wrote: It can be quite clich in its story (forrest gump-ish), and yes it's quite absur, not at all realistic, but there is just an undeniable charm in it that makes it quite a pleasant movie to watch!

Inta K (us) wrote: pretty stupid horror movie

Eric H (es) wrote: Do not waste your life on it? Watch film if you are sick, extremely bored, you have no money or books, and your music player has no battery. (like I DID!)

Caesar M (kr) wrote: When I first saw a foreign horror movie called De Lifte which about a killer elevator I though that was the worst idea for a horror movie, but I was wrong. Once again, the horror genre knows no limits when it comes to turning anything into a horror movie which is the case with Night of the Lepus about killer rabbits. I never thought I would say this, but bring back that killer elevator. Night of the Lepus is about giant mutant rabbits that terrorize the southwest, now if that doesn't sound like anything that will give you nightmares for weeks than I don't what will. Now upon viewing I notice Janet Leigh name in the credits which sounded familiar, but couldn't seem to remember where I saw that name. Once I saw actress Janet Leigh I knew I saw her in another movie and it wasn't until halfway through that I remembered it's Janet Leigh who played Marion Crane in Alfred Hitchcock's Psycho. How did Janet Leigh get from a Hitchcock film to a movie about killer rabbits? Though to her credit, she does set a giant killer rabbit on fire. Back to the plot, I was very surprise how seriously the movie was since this is about giant killer rabbits by the way. Which is one of it main flaws, it takes this ridiculous concept so serious that even the actors are dead serious in their performances. Because of how serious everyone takes this, it drags out some scenes and some of these actors, especially the kids, are terrible. Though to it credits, it is very hilarious to see two grown man running away from giant rabbits in a cave while scary music is playing. Which reminds me, this movie does have some funny scenes and implausible moment. My favorite being is when a policeman goes to an drive in theater and tells everyone that giant killer rabbits are about to attack the town and no one questions it. The people just believe what the police man say, guess it's just another novel day in the south. One baffling thing about the movie is that it even has people in rabbits costumes, why? I also love the inconstancy in this film, my personal favorite being when a character shoots giant rabbits through a basement wooden door and yet there's no bullet holes. I also love the climax of this film that almost made sitting through boring scenes worth while. In the climax, we have the police officers, citizens, and even the military which are useless since they miss most of their shots with machine guns at giant rabbits. This climax has giant rabbits getting electrocuted which is pretty hilarious, these rabbits also get set on fire with some stock black and white footage of a flamethrower, and finally this climax is so ridiculous that I doubt any other horror movie will top it in all its badness. While I did talk about some of the better moments of the movie, it has to little of them to make this fully recommendable and if you could just look up the climax for some good laughs. Night of the Lepus main flaw is that it takes the giant killer rabbits concept seriously instead of being a comedy or even a satire of the genre. Night of the Lepus does have some funny moments, but it's only solely for those who can tolerate bad movies for the comedy value.

Steve Allister F (ag) wrote: This is the TV version. I haven't seen the original, '76, but this one was great. That guy really pulled ol' Charlie off really well.