Planet Outlaws

Planet Outlaws

It is the story of an American soldier who wakes up in the future, it is the year 2500...

An American soldier suspended in time wakes up to find himself in the futuristic world of the year 2500. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Brygirl W (mx) wrote: I so rarely HATE a movie, but this was just cringe worthy awful. It's a mix match of "the future" as far as their computer tech goes but still driving 2000 version cars, shopping malls. People doing absolutely nonsensical things after the power grid is down. These half witted "news" reports are supposed to set up this tension before they finally go dead. ROFL. It makes sense that their power went out, they had a bad solar inverter, but the idea that everyone's power is out along with all the alternative solar tech without this being some EMP/Solar radation wiping out everything electrical it is simple juvenile. We know this didn't happen BTW because they power up their generator and are able to power their electronics as long as they have fuel. A world wide (unknown EMP or Severe solar flair situation that wiped out the grid plus made it impossible to run would have at least been believably plausible. People keep saying oh what a beautiful story about sisterly love. Fine, they love each other. But two weeks without power and people wouldn't be going into town and handing around for a GD DANCE LESSON??? ROFL At two weeks it would be the Walking Dead w/out the Zombies or early days of Road Warrior.The idea of PAYING for food and that Stan would still be their playing guard after two weeks is a turd of a set up "plot point:" so he can come back and rape Eve later. Months later the Eve character WOULD NOT HAVE THE TIME OR FOOD DERIVED ENERGY to continue to dance everyday. This is SO SO SO STUPID.. By the time you hit a month of no power people would be spending the bulk of their days scavenging, or trying to harvest/ begin to grow food. This idea that Eve is still free to dance for the better part of a year is SO STUPID I NEARLY STOPPED THE MOVIE.

Jarek S (mx) wrote: Jack Strong is a good sensational film directed by Wladyslaw Pasikowski. It based on the true story of Colonel Ryszard Kuklinski - a man who probably prevented III World War.The movie contains convincing story with quite an unexpected and surprising plot twist and a thrilling chase. Furthermore actors played reliably and emotionally. All of this is emphasizes by good scenography with a great costume design and characterization reflect the atmosphere of the communist times. The title refers to the code name of the main character Colonel Richard Kuklinski.In conclusion, if you would like to see a serious, but slow film with gripping and interesting plot and good acting, then your time will not be wasted. If you are looking for a Hollywood action movie with a lot of special effects and stuns, do not bother with this one.

Stephen B (au) wrote: My new favorite movie!!!! A must see!!!!!!

Kevin B (jp) wrote: It was an OK movie, with some good performances. The worst part about it was the little girl, who was ugly, annoying and a terrible actress. Besides her, everyone else was pretty good, even the little boy about 80% of the time. Morgan Freeman was great as usual, although he doesn't come in until halfway through the movie.Grade: B

Mamita K (fr) wrote: very awesome movie...akshaye was funny and did an inn0cent and cute actingsuperB

david s (fr) wrote: A meandering sequence of apparently unlinked scenes. Some beautiful photography, some lovely shot composition. But not something that I could relate to, and dubious morality dressed as normality. Horrifically shallow, perhaps that is the point? Strangely gripping, the after-memories are indicative of a work which stands up strongly in retrospect.

ToyahKate M (ca) wrote: Well this film was boring. And the acting was really poor. I'd avoid this film at all costs!

Robert M (fr) wrote: Whether divorced or not, it's the love in the children that always counts. A divorced husband who is cleverly disguised as another individual just to inspect his wife's real feelings, but mainly just to see his kids much more often. Instead of his wife giving him a second chance, he gives himself a second chance. One of the best Robin Williams movies I've seen, and it certainly is one of his biggest tributes to his untimely death (practically makes his Teddy Roosevelt parts look like nothing). If any other really good and favorable parts he's done, it would have to be the genie from Aladdin (with my love of animated films especially). With his amazing voice talent and his incredible improvisation, he will be truly missed for sure. Mrs. Doubtfire was a very heartwarming and well put-together film overall.

L D (kr) wrote: There is something about this original origin story that really makes me smile. I don't yet know what it is, but some things in there.

Adrian T (fr) wrote: Classic, "the wrong wave"

Leena L (ca) wrote: spooky and .... confusing and in the end... what happened?

Meg D (it) wrote: Watching as part of a John Wayne/Memorial Day film fest...I used to watch these movies with my dad and I still love them all!

Joseph B (nl) wrote: was a good flick, but lacked some aspects that made it feel empty sometimes.