Planet RE:think

Planet RE:think

Today we are facing not one but two global crises: the financial crisis but also the more insidious one relating to our misuse of natural resources. The two are so tightly linked that we ...

Today we are facing not one but two global crises: the financial crisis but also the more insidious one relating to our misuse of natural resources. The two are so tightly linked that we ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Tim M (au) wrote: Technology and societal opinion changes. Depression, fatherhood. Some good laughs to be had.

Christopher R (kr) wrote: While interesting enough and well acted, the end falls short of expectations.

Ben P (ru) wrote: Probably one for TMBG fans only, but a good doco nonetheless.

Ioannis B (br) wrote: Not that funny, but still very decent :)

Patrick G (us) wrote: A documentary about putting on a production of the anti-war play Mother Courage and Her Children by Bertolt Brecht. I found this fascinating - especially all the information about Bertolt Brecht and his (and Marx's) ideas about war. They don't show the entire production, but they do show the highlights and explain their significance and compare it to the original production put on by Brecht in Germany in 1949. It's all grist for the mind, but watching this makes me realize how trivial a lot of other documentaries are that I have seen lately. I thought how great it would have been to have seen a production of Mother Courage when I was in high school. Five stars.

Barbara K (ag) wrote: Zombies in prison....

Brad S (it) wrote: This is a pretty decent Indie comedy. Jeff Garlin always makes me laugh so it was worth watching for him alone.

Todd S (de) wrote: Loved it, made me giggle all the way through, I can imagine myself as Dick.

James M (ru) wrote: A remake rather than a sequel with a terrible screenplay and even worse acting.

Bob N (es) wrote: This is a movie that has a broad sense of slap stick comedy layered over a romantic comedy. Two scenes of note: Doc and Suzy proving their worth through dancing, and, of course, frog hunting with the boys.I left the movie knowing that, without a doubt, the voice of God was that of John Huston.This could easily have fallen through the cracks, but is worth going back to see for all Debra Winger fans. Make yourself a beer milkshake and sit back and enjoy.

Daniel A (au) wrote: It may be too long and incredibly silly but Thoroughly Modern Millie remains an entertaining and underrated sixties musical with a 1920s twist. The ever-reliable Julie Andrews plays Millie, a so-called 'modern'. In other words she's the type of woman who didn't just sit and wait for a man to sweep her off her feet, she went out and found him. In Millie's case she embarks on a career in business for the sole purpose of marrying her boss and becoming the wife of a very rich man. 'Thoroughly modern' indeed! As you can imagine from such a premise, Thoroughly Modern Millie is ironically very dated. There are issues of gender and race that would never be seen on the screen today; check out the two shifty Chinese men who pop up sporadically throughout the film and are credited solely as 'Oriental 1' and '2' if you don't believe me. But despite lacking the timeless quality of Andrews' more famous movies, Millie still manages to please on a number of levels. Aside from some brilliant choreography, which technically sits close to that seen in Fosse's Sweet Charity, Millie's key strength is its unrivalled stupidity. The fact is that the majority of the characters are so barking they should probably be sectioned under the mental health act, but somehow it's all so charming that it becomes impossible not to be swept away in their harebrained escapades. Perhaps the best example of this is the utterly sensational Carol Channing, who makes the movie worth watching solely to see her blown out of a human cannon screaming 'Raspberries!', which is surely the most brilliantly nonsensical catchphrase of all time. Her unique routine and humongous presence on the screen steal the show, and have left me desperate to see more from this hilarious woman. Channing also has the best musical number in 'Jazz Baby', although it should be noted that Andrews is as wonderful as ever in a number of fun albeit forgettable tunes. Mary Tyler Moore provides the sex appeal that Andrews lacks and rounds out a talented cast who appear to have had a fabulous time making this movie; something clearly reflected in the film itself. Though it may not be at all modern, Thoroughly Modern Millie is a wonderful romp that still holds plenty of charms for the modern viewer, making it well worthy of a revisit or even a first viewing for those looking for a fun but silly throwback to a typically sixties musical.

Julie O (de) wrote: Orfeu Negro portrays the essence of Brazilian cultures, especially that of Rio de Janeiro and the excitement that surrounds yearly Carnaval! The warmth and excitement of the Brazilian culture exudes throughout the movie (except the scary and sad parts). The people that live in the Favelas in the hills and mountains of Rio have life a lot harder financially and so Carnaval is a day to forget all of that and just live in joy, have the most fun ever - it's a beautiful thing. It's my very favorite movie ever! The original black and white one. (I do not like the newer one "Orfeu." Much too violent and the acting isn't so great and it just doesn't have the magic that the classic original does and will always have. HIGHLY RECOMMEND THE ORIGINAL B&W ORFEU NEGRO!! A+++++++++++++++++ DEMAIS!!!

Orlok W (ru) wrote: Fear, Futility & Shades Of Camus--Pulpy, hard-bitten character study with a jaded air!!

David M (ru) wrote: Not as funny as it should have been.