Planta 4ª

Planta 4ª

Growing up together. All emotions pass the revue. Friendship and hope survive all.

Growing up together. All emotions pass the revue. Friendship and hope survive all. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jersey Boy (it) wrote: Regardless of the low budget and lack of different environments, I was entertained. It is part one of a trilogy, but I havent heard anything about the other 2 films being made.

Casey D (au) wrote: I would rather eat shit then watch this again!

Ricky M (ag) wrote: dont bother unless you like d grade horror

Steve S (ag) wrote: Boring dribble, it was slightly better than crap so it got 2 stars.It was like Days of our Dreary's, General Hospital & The Bold and Beautiful of these 2 annoying guys....Its an extremely rainy day which is why I watched it, now to free up some space on my computer -

Andrew B (fr) wrote: Being a wrestling fan my entire life as you get older and realize there is more that meets the eye you become interested in the behind the scenes stuff than you do the actual action in the ring. So needless to say when Beyond the Mat came out in theatres, I was there the first day. This documentary really takes you behind the scenes of the wrestling business and how it effects the people involved. Not just the wrestlers, but their families as well. The one story that obviously sticks out to everyone who has seen this movie is Jake the Snake Roberts. His battle with addiction is documented here and his fall from grace to where he is in this film, actually makes me who is a fan of Jake, very sad. It was actually heart wrenching to see him like this. Since this movie he has cleaned up and stayed sober, but wow. This is a really close and personal devastating look at a former superstar that has just lost everything but still trying to retain some of that old glory wrestling in front of 30 people in a bingo hall. Taking his earnings from the nights match and spending it on crack in a motel room. Very sad. But a very true look at what a lot of these former wrestlers end up like and deal with after their time in the spotlight is over and done with.

Abram S (br) wrote: Ahhhhh direct-to-video sequels....I hate them and this one is no exception. This is a awful pile of knoted movie reels which follows the story of Timmy, Mrs. Brisby's son who got only one bloody line in the whole movie and suddenly out of no where he becomes some prophesied hero when that is never mentioned or hinted at at all in Bluth's film I'm serious they just made that whole thing up for this film. The animation is downgraded considerably with no sense of wonder or any real effort. One of the things that I hated the most is the singing...yes there are actually songs in this movie and their horrible and ear-grattingly bad. Its just keeps getting better too just wait for the most stupidiest plot twist ever and here is a hint Eric Idle is involved.

AD V (de) wrote: Hennenlotter is the king of trash. In a good way.

Greg S (mx) wrote: A seminarian in Czarist Ukraine must say prayers for three nights over the corpse of a deceased witch who had a vendetta against him. This Soviet era film, now available in the West, is one of the true classic horror movies, with no blood, sex or CGI but a brilliantly chilling story, amazingly elegant effects, and a final reel of full of horrifyingly conceived monsters . Faithfully adapted from the Nikolai Gogol short story.

Jochen W (ca) wrote: Tatschlich mein erster Sternberg: beeindruckt, wie sehr dieser seiner Zeit voraus war. THE SCARLET EMPRESS ist ein exaltierter, grotesker Historiencomic und wirkt keinen Deut gealtert. Ungeheuer pointiert, gro? in jeder Geste und jedem Bild, und sicher ein Hhepunkt in der Inszenierung von Sternbergs gro?er Diva und Muse Marlene Dietrich.

Raji K (de) wrote: Tom Hanks stars, directs and co-writes Larry Crowne. Larry Crowne has just been laid off a Costco like establishment for lack of a college education, and finds himself in a mid-year crisis. He decides the only thing he can do is go back to college at a small community college where he meets a speech professor Mercedes Tainot (Julia Roberts). She too finds herself in a mid year crisis, and the inevitable romances slowly starts to bud. Larry Crowne was quite a boring movie that featured poor side characters, lack of direction and little character development. Tom Hank's debut is quite disappointing and despite the cast, this movie can be easily missed.

Luis R (it) wrote: Proxy proved to be crazy under all aspects. The promotionals prepared you to some crazy thrills but the movie was just beyond that, everyone is coveting some mental disturb. everyone is having some disorder, and its quite fun to see how this disorders revolves around parenting and nurturing toddlers. I know lot of people disliked it but this was actually a good one for a midnight show.