Sam & Fordy run a credit card fraud scheme, but when they steal from the wrong man, they find themselves threatened by sadistic gangster. They need to raise £5m and pull off a daring diamond heist to clear their debt.

Sam and Ford led a group of crimes by specializedly making fake credit cards, but once hit a man whom they should not touch, they were combined by the ganster continually. An ultimatum was given: they must quickly compensate £ 5 millions or they would be buried alive. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Plastic torrent reviews

Miyuki T (fr) wrote: Such a beautiful, amazing movie !! It made me smile and emotional at the same time :*

Ryan S (kr) wrote: Though not entirely cohesive, there is no denying that this film is expertly made and almost magical in some odd way.

Matthew H (ru) wrote: Its Up to you certainly not a high brow movie

Mike S (gb) wrote: Really noble story. I wish it would happen more often for troubled kids in poor neighborhoods. The story was really fresh and original but the film as a whole lacked too much and i found myself to be sucked out of the story thinking of how this film can be better. Overall it's a decent film.

Vivien B (it) wrote: what an actress, watch it to believe,funny and sad

Hobie P (jp) wrote: I laughed only about twice,if that tells you anything.

Andrew P (ca) wrote: My singing voice is the voice of Michael Rispoli, the star of the movie (seriously). This is a terrific little movie (despite my singing) about a Ralph Kramdenesque dreamer who is always trying to get ahead in life, but is stymied by his wife, who just wants to be married to a blue-collar worker, not someone who is always "trying to be something you're not." The movie stars a number of actors from The Sopranos. Michael Rispoli played Jackie Aprile Sr. in the first season. You may also recognize "Agent Harris," "Big Pussy," "Charmaine Bucco" and "Vito Spanafore" (aka Fat Vito or Gay Vito) from The Sopranos, along with the actress who starred in "Trainspotting," Kelly Macdonald. The movie won the Audience Award at the Sundance Film Festival in 2000.

Charlie G (br) wrote: I never really go for these shows but I'd have to say that was so cute with jokes in the right places. Never thought I'd rate a show like this with 5 stars.

Miguel R (it) wrote: Filled with memorable humor and a touching story, Pleasantville is a delightful, lighthearted, and beautifully made work of art!

J K (fr) wrote: One of those movies that focused more on River Phoenix's haircut than the plot.

Paavo I (mx) wrote: Kind of like Roger Corman's Poe adaptaion minus Vincent Price and the fun. The Hulk vampire is unintentionally funny, though.

Dmitri G (ca) wrote: I liked the second part better. It's more watchable. Some closeups are truly amasing.

Aj V (gb) wrote: This is a silly low budget, and easily made fun of, sci-fi movie. The story could be good, but the style, the aliens, and the special effects drag this movie down.

Mike P (de) wrote: By reading the reviews on rotten tomato about four rooms, now remember why I never go to rotten tomato....

Joel A (us) wrote: A horrendously bad debut film from Australian newcomer Arnold Strong aka Arnold Schwarznneger.The premise & acting of this film is poorer beyond comprehension. Arnie's acting is so bad it's hilarious, especially the bear at large in Central Park.A must see for Arnie fans but a shocking film in general great for a good laugh with mates.

Luke R (ru) wrote: Great car chases.Dennis Quaid is unstoppable!