Plastic City

Plastic City

Yuda, a Chinese immigrant, and his adopted son Kirin, who he saved being eaten by a tiger in the jungle, stand at the head of a massive pirated goods operation that brings in both money and influence. But their empire is crumbling, as corrupt politicians and rival gangs seek to end their power in the city. Yuda is soon got arrested and his dedicated son tries his best to save not just the family business, but his father's reputation.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:118 minutes
  • Release:2008
  • Language:Portuguese,Mandarin,Japanese
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:Plastic City 2008 full movies, Plastic City torrents movie

Yuda, a feared Chinese outlaw, and his adopted son Kirin, an impulsive young dreamer, together rule the pirated goods racket in an ultra-liberal Brazilian metropolis. The magnate and his ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Graeme F (ru) wrote: Heavy-handed, predictable romcom that seems to show that it's actually ok to be culturally ignorant because everyone else is! It was bearable until Anne Marivan's character decided to wear a dress made of slices of ham to upset her Algerian boyfriend - even I was offended by that. Perhaps that scene was inspired by Lady GaGa, but it just looked stupid.

Christopher S (ag) wrote: ALbino Farm had an intersting location. Not too many horror films are set in rural Missouri. I would love to see horror film set at the Lemp Manison in St Louis Mo but to my knowledge it hasn't been doen yet. It also was cool that it is based on actual legends dating as far back as the Civil War South. A good supernatural horror set in Civil War times is Dead Birds.

Sgt C (ru) wrote: (56%)A throwback of sorts to 1970's B-pictures focusing on street brawling, ex-cons, and borderline insane gangsters. Michael Jai White doesn't stretch his acting ability here, but his fighting skills are fantastic, it really is totally believable watching him take down the biggest guys you could ever imagine. The plot has been done many times before (see Van Damme's somewhat better AWOL) but I happened to enjoy the simplicity this has in bounds. This may not be anything special overall but it's so damn entertaining and watchable plus the fights are well done and there's plenty of them. So for a decent effort that passes more in that it fails and will run down 90 mins very quickly meaning this is well worth a spin.

Jason D (ru) wrote: Though many have considered the Gamera films to be a cash-in rip-off of the more successful and cherished Gojira films, Gamera has managed to etch out a sizable and moderately entertaining series in the annuls of classic Kaiju films. In his big debut, Gamera: The Giant Monster is awaken from his arctic slumber when a small battle breaks out between the US and Soviet fighter planes (during the Cold War of course) and an atomic bomb (yeah, real original) goes off. Soon, the gigantic flying, fire-breathing turtle sets off to amass as much energy as possible, taking from all resources possible, which makes nearly every weapon and attempt at destroying the creature a failure. You get to see the small good side to Gamera when he saves a child (as the series goes, he has always had a soft spot for the children), but we also see berserk Gamera who amasses a pretty large scale body count while annihilating Tokyo (in what I can only presume is a turtle with an extreme case of bi-polarism). Sure, it's been done before in the Gojira series, but if you're like me and go nuts over ANY kind of new and different kaiju film, then your love should extend out to the Gamera series. Why not see where it all began? Doesn't pack the intensity, social commentary, or emotional punch as the original Gojira, but honestly, we can stand here all day and talk about how inferior it is to Gojira. That's still not going to change how fun and entertaining a good kaiju film can be, and Gamera's debut film certainly proves that. Enjoyable. Also, kudos to the Shout! Factory for releasing this film recently on a beautiful DVD with a remastered picture and sound that really gives the film new life. Black and White Kaiju film never looked better!

Steve B (de) wrote: An eerie and twisted tale of violence and sexuality set in feudal Japan, and with a stunning cinematography!

Anna L (gb) wrote: I think I have a new favorite Paul Newman performance.

Zaheer K (mx) wrote: This is the movie in the series where the story starts to drag. The plot doesn't make a lot of sense anymore.But the movie is still a good watch for the typical horror contraptions that Jigsaw has designed.

Amy C (kr) wrote: This movie was a nonsensical "Red Dawn" rip off where somehow the Chinese invaders think it's a great idea to take over a small town in the middle of nowhere. They are so strategically challenged that the Chinese move all their tanks and artillery to an area that can only be accessed by one bridge. I feel dumber for watching this movie that was mostly driven by teenage angst.

Jaimey P (br) wrote: An interesting film on just one of many possible dangerous experiments that occurred in colleges and universities in the historic past that had unwanted, unexpected results on susceptible young minds.

Thaina F (it) wrote: I love Marlon Waynes, but this movie wasn't that good at all. In fact it was quite disturbing. Hope he does not make anything like this again.

Countess N (ru) wrote: Very predictable but i really enjoyed this movie,its all been done before but this was done better than most.

Dustin M (ca) wrote: A surprisingly great and underappreciated Allen film.Jason Biggs was good in this,very good.But not as great as Allen as his mentor,stealing EVERY scene he was in.8.5/10