He went out to empty the trash, but he should never have done that! Just listen to what happened to our hero Reinert Andersen in the early morning. In his bathrobe he goes quiet out to throw his garbage bag. But the bin is overfilled, and the neighbor shows up when he tries to sneak it into his. A tricky situation. He takes the speed to heave it over the hedge ... At the same time in a neighborhood bank, Henry and his gang make a successful coup, starting with the escape police pursuit. The only thing that gets in their way, are Reinerts garbage bag. It lands right in the front window, and the remains of it in the face of the policeman who is about to catch the robbers on a motorcycle. Double-flap! And Reinert? a bit naive and nice guy really is suddenly as the focal point in a series of events in his wild imagination would have thought was possible. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki

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Rebeccah R (kr) wrote: A bit too twisted... you are left with so many questions. Ok cast, ok story.

Carlos I (ru) wrote: An excellent 'dramedy'

James M (fr) wrote: The first Wild Things was a decent watch but not good enough to merit a part 2.I don't use the word sequel because this isn't one. It's practically a remake/ripoff, so tacking made with poor performances to call it TV Movie-Of-The-Week quality would be an insult to TV Movie-Of-The-Week's.Inept, incredulous and pathetic.

Kristin L (es) wrote: 2 stars for good music!

Denise A (de) wrote: Another movie I forgot about. It's funny but dumb. All is forgiven. LOL.

Steve W (nl) wrote: Never getting melodramatic or heavy handed, Beyond the Lights is a romance film that is able to coast on solid performances and chemistry alone. A young woman becomes the next big thing, Noni, until she finds herself wanting to jump off a balcony. A cop playing bodyguard rescues her, but they find their bond and connection at risk from every force from the outside world. The acting is phenomenal, the world of the movie feels very real, and its an excellent drama about reputation and the lengths we will go to hide our true selves.

Ibraheem M (ru) wrote: You can predict the whole film from the moment "the roommate" appears especially if you have watched before movies like "Orphan", "The Sitter", and "Homecoming" which all have similar plots. This one lacks thrills and doesn't add anything new, you can't even qualify it as OK.

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