The movie is set in the remote chinese province of Fenyang, and spans the turbulent 1980s by following four performers in the state-run Peasant Culture Group. We see the group evolve from workers that are restricted to approved revolutionary classics that praise Chairman Mao, through performance of western classics, after china adopts an 'open door' policy, and the effects on their lives.

Set in Fenyang, Shanxi Province, the film focuses on a group of amateur theatre troupe performers whose fate mirrors that of the general population in China as massive socio-economic ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Tori20 W (kr) wrote: Classic literature often offers many enriching plots, characters and themes but can often provide the consumer with a bit of leg work in the actual consumption process. If done correctly, contemporary takes on these works are molded to the times in which they are created allowing modern audiences the ability to consume the same material the classic present but in a more user friendly presentation. Warm Bodies, directed by Jonathan Levine, offers this exact formula of the contemporary portrayal of Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet, appealing to a modern audience while following the classic plot of the play. R is a zombie that displays the same woe for life as Romeo until his life is suddenly changed by the lovely Julie. Upon meeting a reaction is triggered inside R allowing him to turn back into the human he once was. While love is clearly the trigger for his character there is a chain reaction as the other zombies begin to recognize that they too can feel love as they watch R and Julie's love unfold. This theme of love changing people for the better is certainly present in Shakespeare's original text but is a bit more accessible to the everyday person who hasn't studied classic literature, ultimately allowing modern audiences a similar enrichment as Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet.

Michelle R (it) wrote: Probably the first movie Audrey Tatou has been in that I don't like. There was something highly annoying about her character. The French get away with a lot but not this one.

Vincent H (nl) wrote: Insightful message, a la protagonist Charles Morse: "We're all put to the test... but it never comes in the form or at the point we would prefer, does it? "

Tina T (br) wrote: I had no idea this was a lesbian film when I chose it. It's kind of cool that sexuality actually does and doesn't play a huge factor.

David J (ca) wrote: I feel a little bad only giving this Jordanian film 2 1/2 stars, but it just had some issues....but worth a look for sure...

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Becks Z (au) wrote: ????Johnny Depp?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

Bryan H (kr) wrote: My cousin is in it thats why its good

Linda S (fr) wrote: jean-claude van damme is an excellent actor

Seang Wei T (es) wrote: You would not want to watch this. This is crap !