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Platon torrent reviews

Deb K (au) wrote: It was interesting to see in the opening credits that one of the producers was SLASH. It could have been a better movie, but I wouldn't say it was a BAD movie. Rebekah Brandes and Jennifer Stone played their roles well.

Ass H (ag) wrote: this movie doesn't have enough underage sex 10/10

King T (au) wrote: Movie looks funny as hell. The Wayans Bros are at it again. Funny family gotta be a funny movie.

Evan K (kr) wrote: Weird, confusing, no real good horror shots, and it had some funky light.

Joe K (kr) wrote: This doc is truly interesting not just due to the content provided but due to the parallels with the current Dem Primary.

Yash B (kr) wrote: A nice and surprisingly funny movie. Great acting and dialogue make it only that much more entertaining. Ellen Page is a revelation in this movie and its the best of her career. Full of stellar supporting work as well. A quirky movie that takes on multiple tones but handles them in a unique way and is well worth a watch.

(br) wrote: The Astatke soundtrack is almost worth the price of admission alone, and the movie is enjoyable and funny. A rich couch-potato is thrown into a series of circumstances, none of which resolve the purpose of the quest, and more questions are raised by the end. The journey is all a pleasure, however, with Murray in classic, dead-pan, mode. The movie is relatively pared back, and doesn't aim too high, but does what it does very well. A classic Jarmusch film.

Manuel C (ag) wrote: Una sorpresa increble

Thrse F (fr) wrote: Not at all interested

Julien L (jp) wrote: My first indian movie

Antonio N (br) wrote: Some of the lines out of Bette and Shelley are hilarious. Great goofy fun!

Tasos L (nl) wrote: There's nothing like a good western and this is a good western!

Tim L (ru) wrote: Pretty forgettable one this one and not one of my favourites so far, but some good scenes here and there.

Miguel R (nl) wrote: While it certainly focuses too much on the war and less on the story itself, We were Soldiers is a fair tribute to the men who died fighting for their country during the Vietnam War, even if it doesn't captivate as it should

Galvy F (ca) wrote: When we use our eyes as soon as we enter and see the world when we are born. When we are all eyes on a things we adore or fans of for their marvel. When seeing is believing that we need to eye such new wonders to attract business. When eyeing something too much we get bored of quickly that we need to always something new each time. When we need an eye for science and creation to reinvent a new force of nature, species and attraction for our amusement. When we need to keep an eye on all that could go wrong and make sure nothing goes wrong when we have people to have all eyes on the species we create. When we clearly see or eyed as food we run when we are on the bottom of the food chain. When we are eyed all the time to having the ability to hide and become undetected for hunting. When we eye a world where we roam dominant but if it wasnt for a cosmic catastrophe we wouldnt being eyeing the world today. When we are eyeing the dawn of a new era to the end of one. When we have people all eyes, ears, mouths on us when this place has a bad reputation. When all eyes, ears, mouths and more are on us when the force of nature is just doing what it was created or what naturally what it does, hunt, eat and mate. When we have always relied on our eyes to keep watch out, to naturally show our emotions, to do what it's meant for to grow into this world and adapt. When we have eyes to question what we are seeing to believe, to understand patterns, understand ways, and understand how to correct and move forward from all that could go wrong to what is wrong. When we don't understand some species we create but they know us to survive and hunt. When we are created to be something, and clearly see they have eyes of something far what we expected and underestimated to evolve into something far more powerful. When we are just eyeing from afar and helpless when those in charge are unable. When we have always had eyes for a species so similar and different than us that we naturally do what nature intends for us to do. When eyes and minds are on the safety of others to no longer see any more liabilities and danger come to those that others have faced. When the importance of some things we have created we protect, when we are eyeing the end of everything from death, closure, and lawful action. When being up close and eyeing the impossible, eyeing such beauty, and eyeing something so cool we can't resist but keep watching and be close to. When we are faced eye to eye with danger we escape or fight back. When some species don't hunt for hunger but dominance when that's what we are created for. When we just naturally eye some things as undominant and unworthy to hunt for. When we see a past we never thought we would see unnatural as it may be we eye a new world we try to co exist but need to cage. When we can't see or keep an eye on some things that is our future we are focused on our work and responsibility. When we can see and eye such great destructions we need to put a stop to. When we must establish dominance ourselves when training some species to be domesticated doesn't work so we use weapons and our wits. When we see a not so far past time when we thought we could eye an amusement park filled with species that went terribly wrong, that we naturally let nature take its course a bary the dead. When we are in the Centre of an eye of a storm we hope we make it alive. When surviving means we need to have an eye on some skills to get by. When we need all eyes everywhere on the ground, in the sky and work. When all we are eyeing is more chaos and more destruction when we try to restore order but unsuccessful. When clearly see times have changed that we don't need to save others or need to keep an eye on when we have adapted and grown to be dominant. When dominance is our game, that we are freely eyeing on killing for sport like those who we are assigned to. When we are eyeing a corporate takeover when things go wrong and we step in to takeover when it's necessary or best choice. When we eyeing something also dominant a older family member, parent who keeps us from harms way. When we are eyeing those who take great risk in face of danger to challenge dominance. When there is hope for a future where we see eye to eye on a spicies different from us that we coexist and work together. When we are eyeing the force of nature that we can't make our pets or domesticated that we stick to our own kind. When only our kind can communicate or understand us that makes no species turn on their kind. When we are eyeing years and years of work research and knowledge come to an end or in the hands of a monster whom uses it for something else that what was intended for. When awaking to eye a world where we are not dominant and another spicies is, we adapt to this age in life when its natural. When we dont know what another spicies eyes us whom are different, whom keep us alive, whom dont threaten us, whom give us space to grow that we dont challenge dominance to what we dont know what exists far from the world we know. When our eyes far stretches the world we know that we challenge dominance as we say our eyes can stretch farther into spaces we never travelled to. When eyeing an experiment first was about the creators perspective to those whom took over and the next to see that what this experiment is a mistake. When we are eyeing the end of God's creations and eyeing mans to know who is really evolved, dominant and deserves our eyes. When we just can't help but have all eyes on the one thing we always thought was top of the species chart (T-Rex), top in our hearts, top in our lives. When we never grow tired of seeing and eyeing a different species that we turn to creating new ones for our amusement. When there is only one place to see and eye a dinosaur and that's at Jurassic Park. When the eye of all perspectives is that nature is a gift we hope to keep eye on and keep watch over as it continues to do for us many years ago and into the future.Visuals-5Directing-5Music-4.5Screenplay-5Acting-4Level of Interest-5Complexity-4.0Timing-5Twist & Turns-5Message-5