Play Dirty

Play Dirty

The Dirty Dozen meet the Stiff Upper Lip. A British Petroleum executive (Michael Caine) is assigned to work with the British Army in North Africa handling port duties for incoming fuels.

The story takes place on a film set in the Desert War in North Africa. Douglas is the leader of a band of mercenaries whose mission is to defeat an enemy fuel reserve. He gets problem with two man when their opinions are different to fulfill the plan. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Johannes J (ca) wrote: Friend: "It does not surprise me that the Devil is an Irishman, though I thought perhaps a little taller."

Taylor B (au) wrote: I was a little harsh on this film to begin with but after seeing it this past week it was actually pretty funny. I wasn't into Lego's as a kid but it was interesting how well they made this into an animated film. Probably one of the best stop motion films I have seen. Dialogue was great, Characters were easily likeable and story keep me interested. I guess you can say Everything is Awesome with this film

Sean D (br) wrote: The final entry in the series is a gripping and slightly graphic thriller about the past of Hannibal Lector. Where Red Dragon was the remake of the first film, Manhunt and was actually the correct name of the first novel...this film goes even further back to an even younger Hannibal Lector. We are first introduced to him as a child intact with his family, a younger sister and a mother and father. 20 minutes into the film we fast forward to the present and end of the film, what would assume to be his upper teen years going into his early 20's.The plot which is a revenge plot for the most part explains where his cannibalistic behaviour derived from due to his rough past and essential witnessing of many tragic events at a young age which completely alter his mindset and look at life. The first 20 minutes of the film pictures a young Lector completely different from the one later in the film that is a younger but identical copy of the older Lector seen in the other films. A but rough around the edges and boring at times, not anywhere near as good as some of the other titles like Silence of the Lambs, this film tells a very interesting backstory which will mostly appeal to fans of the series.

Stanley C (br) wrote: All the cyberattack parts of the plot aren't well suiting for such a combat guns-fighting action movie, and it gets even more complicated when bringing in an Air Force Raptor on highway battle, but LIVE FREE OR DIE HARD stands as superb having been able to stand as a smarter movie than Die Hard 2 or Die Hard with a Vengeance, and serves as the best golden 4th installment for any movie series.

Justin A (nl) wrote: Slow and boring. The first hour just treads the same ground, only it's not interesting and there's little action. After the ass-blasters show up it gets more interesting. Oh, and the CGI is abysmal. Don't recommend this one.

Kyle M (fr) wrote: An action comedy 80s classic that was done with wits in the thorough writing and performances to stir up the fun and laughter, especially Murphy's wisecracking performance being in the spotlight. (A-)(Full review coming soon)

Logan M (us) wrote: "Brewster McCloud" is easily Robert Altman's most obscure film, so if you're looking for a strictly coherent comedy, you won't find it here.

Adrian A (us) wrote: Gerry Anderson unfortunately has less of a reputation for his made-for-cinema movies than he does for his TV shows, and THUNDERBIRDS ARE GO is no exception.The viewing public were quite unsupportive of this movie, despite the success of Thunderbirds on the small screen.It's a bit slow to begin, but a lot of effort and expertise went into the launch of Zero X which opened the film.Cliff Richard and the Shadows recorded some new tracks for the film and even released a mini album to coincide with the launch...and yet still the box office takings weren't what was expected.It's a shame really as the movie isn't half bad and true Thunderbirds fans still think very highly of it. (Well, it's Gerry Anderson, isn't it)?

Jeff B (it) wrote: A very well made film about a man (Hardy Kruger) who is having trouble adapting to normal life after he accidentally killed a child in a routine bombing mission during the war. He befriends a 12 year old girl whose family has abandoned her. Beautiful photography, especially a particular scene in the forest when they're looking at the water. The young girl and Kruger are perfect together, they never overdo it. A film hard to forget.