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Play the Game

When ladies' man David Mitchell (Paul Campbell) gives his lonely grandfather, Joe (Andy Griffith), some pointers on dating, Joe becomes a big hit with the women in his retirement community. But David strikes out with his own tricks when he tries to woo a girl named Julie (Marla Sokoloff). Now it's up to Joe to teach his grandson how to win at love without playing games. Doris Roberts and Liz Sheridan co-star in this award-winning comedy.

A young ladies' man teaches his dating tricks to his lonely, widowed grandfather, and plays his best mind games to meet the woman of his dreams. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Stacey O (nl) wrote: Disappointing. Considering the cast this should have been better. If you are a fan of gambling movies give it a go.

bill s (au) wrote: Fine cast with maybe the worst script of any movie in 2007.

Ellie D (ca) wrote: I liked this one better then the 4th one.

Claudia P (gb) wrote: Very touching moving. I wish the ending was different.

Rachael Q (kr) wrote: It's not going to win an Oscar but it entertained me whilst I was doing the ironing, I'm sure Ashley Judd would be happy to be of service. And Samuel L Jackson too!

Alex M (au) wrote: I am a huge fan of most modern Shakespeare adaptations and this one is pretty solid. Yeah, it has a few flaws here and there but overall. I really dig it.

Nicolaj J (gb) wrote: Nothing special, but it does provide some great entertainment

Muffin M (ca) wrote: John T. Booker Chuck Norris) is a Vietnam veteran who finds out that several of his army buddies lost their lives in a mission that was intended to fail from the beginning. Seeking the reason behind his comrades unanswered deaths, Booker quits his job as a high school teacher in order to track down the last surviving members of his unit. In the midst of a plethora of martial arts, gunfire, and explosions, Booker discovers that his buddies are being systematically murdered by sinister forces, orchestrated by a crooked and politically untouchable politician.also stars Anne Archer, James Franciscus, Lloyd Hanes, Dana Andrews, Jim Backus, Joe Bennett, Jerry Douglas and Anthony Mannino.directed by Ted Post.

Chris S (ru) wrote: Can't wait for the sequel!

Dianna D (fr) wrote: Bogie & Bacall smoldering, in a Casablanca repeat....

Rakisha K (mx) wrote: Never saw it, but want to see it just because I remember hearing so much about it as a kid.

Mandy C (nl) wrote: A movie with a winning formula of beautiful storyline, well-casted actors and actresses, elegantly directed. An inspiring piece where what separates genius and insanity is just a simple trust, when courage means taking just one extra step. A movie that shows there is no proof required, because a beautiful heart and mind is bulletproof.

Paul F (kr) wrote: A good documentary centered around Schwarzenegger. It's not his huge physique that steals the movie it's his winning mentality and supreme confidence that shows to be the best you have to believe you are the best.

Blair W (de) wrote: One of his best American films! Good mix of romance, comedy and action.