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Play Time

Lindsey and Geena spend some time together by the pool while their husbands play golf. After talking about their fantasies they begin to enact a few of them for each other. Soon they incorporate Lindsey's husband Joe into their intimate games. When straight-laced Brad finds out what his wife and friends have been doing he blows up, threatening their marriages and friendships.

Lindsey and Geena spend some time together by the pool while their husbands play golf. After talking about their fantasies they begin to enact a few of them for each other. Soon they ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Johnson C (us) wrote: A story of an "Invisible police" car and the car chasing movie. A tone of director is black as his other movies. Shawn Yue and Anthony Wong gave their level of performance.

Jenn T (jp) wrote: Well choreographed. Good fight scenes.

Kearn R (gb) wrote: Again, only watch if you are a Bruce Campbell fan.

Nicola W (au) wrote: For a comedy I don't think I actually laughed but I quite liked the story, it was fun and easy to watch. Seen better and seen worse.

Jeff T (kr) wrote: Long but pretty good.

Anna N (fr) wrote: Ray Liotta = Want to see it.

Brandon T (nl) wrote: Such a great movie. Everything about it is perfect.

William M (gb) wrote: ahh Bill Hinzman.. does this guy ever age?.. This time he is doing his fimular role as the orignal 1st zombie in the classic Night of The Living Dead, but also wore his director cap in this one. And he didn't do a bad job, a very fun zomie movie, with shadows of the orignal night of the living dead, with some very decent gore effects, even for a low budget movie like this.. The only draw back is the acting is horrible and made me cringle a couple of times. But other then that a nice campy little movie

Zachary Y (us) wrote: One of Jack Nicholson's most complex and dynamic performances / characters. The film is far ahead of its time.

Oskar B (au) wrote: Interesting and weird all around, Andalou gives you a hint at somethings in the first sequence where a woman gets her eyeball slit. Its pretty much like that the whole film and not much makes sense. Its ambigious and all open for analyzing. Visualy briliant with classical music in the background.

Raji K (de) wrote: Chevy Chase stars as Fletch in the comedy Fletch. Fletch is an undercover newspaper reporter that is posing as a bum on the beaches of Los Angeles trying to crack a story involving drug trafficking. In the process of doing this, a rich man approaches him asks him to kill him to help his family collect insurance money. He is dying of bone cancer, and will be dead soon anyway.Fletch instantly starts investigating the man, only to find that he does not have bone cancer at all, and is perfectly healthy. This brings up the question of why the man has such a request. The problem is he is already under pressure by his boss to turn in a story regarding the drug trafficking at the beach. Because the man who asked him to kill him wants this done in a few days, this gives him limited time to do the investigation and solve both cases. Further investigation points to scandal among police officers and the chief himself, but needs to find some hard evidence. Fletch is paints a pretty dark and lengthy investigation. The comedic antics of Chase almost seem out of place and do not outweigh the investigation which makes this a hard sell as a comedy. Even though he has a few disguises and some one-liners, they all do not really particularly hit the funny bone. Most of the comedy comes from his multiple disguises, accents, and there is a dream sequence where he becomes a Los Angeles Laker that seems out of place. I enjoyed this movie far more as investigative cop drama than I did as a comedy. The tone of the movie Fletch is similar to many other 80s movies of its time such as Beverly Hills Cop series with the exception that he works alone is not a real cop. Overall Fletch is a good movie, but is more misguided as a comedy. -12.19.2016

Rip V (us) wrote: It is constantly dreary, but also it's an idylic, meticulous and honest study of romantic relationships and its conflicts.

Ariel R (br) wrote: Una verdadera COCHINADA, esta cinta es pretenciosa desde el pster, pero al observar el contenido del filme te encuentras con actuaciones deplorables, efectos horrorosos, una historia muy buena pero contada de una forma en extremo aburrida, no vale la pena seguir hablando de esta basura.

Jacob D (ca) wrote: Holy s### this movie was horrible!