Playboy: Fast Women

Playboy: Fast Women


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Steve S (it) wrote: a sort of entertaining but completely flawed french action film. nothing really that impressive or original for that matter and it suffers from some bad sound editing, plus it does that thing i always hate where they pull a couple of frames to quicken the action scenes. it makes it look so amateurish.

Paavo I (ag) wrote: One of the blackest comedies you'll ever see.

Rachel a (kr) wrote: Movie was pretty cheesy and overdramatic. Acting wasn't even so great most of the time. I have to agree with most of the people who saw this movie and say my favorite part was Jeremy Renner singing American Pie.

Chris D (ru) wrote: Great Family series...

Andrew O (ag) wrote: A great and funny homage to both theater and film, even if it might not've found the right resolution to cap off all the madness.

Marrick A (gb) wrote: The last French film I will ever waste time trying to watch.

Eduardo C (au) wrote: Italian Neo-realist masterpiece done with narration about postwar peasant fishermen struggling to survive.

Gregory W (de) wrote: not bad for a silent

Adventure O (ca) wrote: Wow, did this movie suck. First half hour is a group of 20-somethings throwing a going away party for their friend, Rob. Lots of pointless chatter with hints of dynamics within the group. Beth, Ron's secret love interest leaves the party and goes home. In comes the monster - which looks like the love child of Alien and a flea. Said monster starts smashing up Manhattan. While trying to escape the area Rob decides to go back for Beth. Because everyone knows that when a monster the size of King Kong is wrecking the the city, people just hang out in their apartments, right? Actually, Beth really was at her apartment, impaled on a piece of rebar. When Rob & friends, minus a couple of friends, make it to Beths apartment, they pull her off the rebar and the group is off and running. Literally. In case you're interested, the herd got thinned when one died after being bit by the spawn of the alien/flea. Can't recall what happened to the other, but it doesn't matter because it wasn't Beth or Rob. Anyway, Rob, Beth and two other lucky survivors run around for a while and nearly get rescued in a military helicopter. But it crashes. Yet somehow the group survives. By this time I'm thinking to myself that when the alien gets done with Manhattan the only thing that will be left is Rob, his friends and roaches. But then the camera guy gets killed by the alien, leaving just the two love birds. Who get themselves killed by an explosion while hanging out under a bridge making a selfie. Which restored my faith in the natural selection process. This movie had very limited visual themes, consisting of a group of dumb people hanging out in someone's apartment and running through streets and buildings. The verbal themes were equally limited; excited party chatter, then Rob! Rob! Rob! Rob! Rob! and Aaaahhhhhhhh!!!!!This movie had a 4 star rating on my Roku. I can't imagine why....

Russ B (it) wrote: 10/4/2016: An ok movie with an excellent cast. The story was ok, but felt rushed and not very deep.

Luc T (it) wrote: One of the greatest comedies of all time.

Zach T (ca) wrote: Wow... I thought I had seen corny movies but Shocker may take cake..... i kinda like it though. Sort of... not really.