Playboy: Wet & Wild Live!

Playboy: Wet & Wild Live!

On location in Vegas, Playboy style!

On location in Vegas, Playboy style! . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Dan F (de) wrote: The found footage approach seems like a way to justify missing anything that would be centralised in a standard cinematic narrative, and that idea is exploited to extremes in this poor effort. The poster's cool, the dinosaurs aren't too shabby and the 'new' creatures are pretty interesting, but there's really nothing to see for long. Trollhunter and to a lesser extent Monsters showed us how to exploit monster movies with found footage (Cloverfield had a notably larger budget so doesn't count), but these guys obviously weren't paying attention. So we wait for Jurassic Park 4 and Pixar to show us what dinosaurs can do in cinemas, because no one else seems to be able to figure it out.

Jake D (fr) wrote: such a politically incorrect movie, however hilarious. i figured it would be like the scary movie series (or other series along that line) but it wasn't. it was actually funny, sadly it doesn't have any re-watch value. first time you laugh your ass off, next time maybe a few chuckles but that's it

Annetta K (br) wrote: As you would expect for a Daniel Auteuil film, there are some very amusing bits. This one is slightly different from some of his previous lighter films because it is also quite thoughtful and sad. I loved how Daniel's character is impressed by his friend's ability to enjoy the simple things in life and how he expresses this is an art series - the small details of his friend's life are simply represented on canvas - like the pen knife that he carried because you never know when you might need to cut something, the slippers that he used to wear under his gum boots because they were more comfortable than socks and it meant he could take off his boots at the door and already have on the right indoor footwear, etc. ----------- Conversations With My Gardener [French title: Dialogue avec mon jardinier], 2007, Writer / Director Jean Becker, Starring Daniel Auteuil. Film seen by me: Sunday 15 July 2007.

Camila V (nl) wrote: Sorry but this movie is my childhood, feels like, looks like, describes it!

Francisco L (ca) wrote: Well acted and interesting, but not funny for this genre, weak screenplay and a little predictable.

Daniel B (ca) wrote: absurdly desperate and unfunny, a stark contrast to the first which is a classic comedy.

Martin D (fr) wrote: A has-been wrestler (Hulk Hogan) spends most of his time fishing, but decides to become a bodyguard to make some money. He is hired by a rich professor (Austin Pendleton) to supervise his children, but the wrestler finds that the kids are more than he bargained for. An evil scientist (David Johansen, aka Buster Poindexter) decides to kidnap the professor's children as a blackmail scheme to gain control of a microchip capable of taking over the world.

Lee V (nl) wrote: It's like major league, but with football....

Justin M (fr) wrote: This is a fascinating story that highlights Einsteins humble beginnings. Relativity, Surfing, Rock and Roll, and best of all bubbles in beer. Don't knock it till you have gotten off your high horse, tried it, and taken a bath.

Mike C (de) wrote: Waste of time. It gets 2 stars because of the gun fight.

Bruce B (mx) wrote: In this film Bud and Lou get there first taste in being outside the US, Its comical to see what wasn't political correct in these days. The are on a quest to find a wrestler who broke his contract and left New York for his home tribe in Algiers. Comedy is there but again not like some of there other films. 3 stars

Yash B (de) wrote: A very inspirational sports drama.

Ashleigh (it) wrote: Okay 5 stars for Ralph Macchio Once agian. I love him in this movie haha although in real life they would have knocked his little but out. This movie is wonderfull i thought it was going to be very funny but it was quite some drama in it. Totally caught me off gaurd but wonderfull all teens should see this movie i think i hope my high school never turns out like JFK High haha!

Guimo P (br) wrote: Dark was the Night is intelligent but generic. Its atmospherics, mostly monochromatic and dreary, works at some moments but depressing at certain times. It is tender and inspiring, but boring at the same time. Though its character development and plot restraint is admirable, it remains too common and derivative to leave lasting effects.