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Player 5150

Joey (Ethan Embry, Can't Hardly Wait) is a successful day trader at a high-end brokerage house, he has a beautiful fiancée and a home on the beach. He has it all and a lot to lose. Now the gambling addiction that has plagued him for years has him on the run and he must put everything on the line...including his life.

A day trader (Embry) and his fiancée (Robertson) get caught up in high stakes gambling. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Katherine J (de) wrote: Excellent documentary on an iconic band! Highly recommend! !!!!

Jay D (es) wrote: Undoubtedly one of the best Indian films in recent times.Anurag Kashyap, Manoj Bajpai & Nawazuddin all give their career best.

Galle C (nl) wrote: Benjamin S et Leila B forment un joli couple, mais ce ct (C) com (C)die musicale la franaise, un peu old school mais version r'n'b a donn (C) envie de me pendre... c' (C)tait un pari os (C)... mais des fois faut pas tenter le diable!

Blake P (it) wrote: There's something endearing about watching respectable actors keep straight faces on in the scope of a batshit monster movie. In no way would an average person have to deal with murderous (and giant) sharks, crocodiles, anacondas, or spiders, but we've seen everyone, from Samuel L. Jackson to Richard Dreyfuss, wrestle with such conflicts with the same level of seriousness as Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein uncovering the Watergate Scandal. Such is ridiculous but delightful, and the genre, for all its raging familiarities and its sometimes pertinent issues in deciding tone, has a hard time going stale because of this actor centric phenomenon. 2010's "Piranha 3D" is no different, but I'm pressed to call it as much fun as "Deep Blue Sea" or its 1978 counterpart because it more prominently resembles a violent sexploitation film than a cheekily humorous creature feature. Moments shine in their trope welcoming panache, from a climax that features the classic Get Out of the Water line (which, of course, only means that all innocent parties cringingly make their way into the water with prompt disobedience) to the never tiring clich of skinny dipping beauties taking a swim at precisely the worst moment in time. But the film's perhaps too generous with its flashes of pink and its focusing on mind-numbingly misguided persons, and so it feels like a spoof that also doesn't appear to much be in on the joke. "Piranha 3D," as expected, revolves around a small town's hellacious spring break following the flukey release of prehistoric piranhas into its tourist attracting waters. The solving of the issue is up to the admirably patient Sheriff Julie Forester (Elisabeth Shue) and a band of desperate law enforcement agents, with our emotions conversely being manipulated by the fact that her children (Steven R. McQueen, Brooklyn Proulx, Sage Ryan) rebel against her and accidentally find themselves being terrorized by the man-eating gaggle of fishes. Whether calling the film a race against time is up to the viewer, but because trying to off thousands of toothy beasts is next to impossible when quick reproduction is a thing, it's more fitting to call "Piranha 3D" a battle that will never really be won. But the thrills are mostly efficient and the performances are decent - take its barely better than SyFy channel special effects or its stabs at parody seriously and you'll get nowhere. My problem with "Piranha 3D," though, doesn't much have to do with any of the aforementioned characteristics - my problem is that I find it too troublingly sleazy to be fun. It spreads its grease too thickly - the pornography subplot is fun for two minutes before it starts to become monotonous - and as a result its tension is botched because we get to know its chintzy side protagonists better than we do the far more interesting Shue and Adam Scott led grouping of real-life superheroes. So I'd call it all uneven, but its moments of joyous bloodlines are still acutely effectual. It gets the job done, sure - I'm just not so positive than the final result is as in on the joke as I'd like it to be. At least the final shot is killer and at least the defining climactic bloodbath is beautifully insane. Both count, much as I'd like to write "Piranha 3D" completely off.

DEGENERATION the reaping (it) wrote: One of a kind, Gotti not the film. But i did like it very much.

Paul M (ca) wrote: akira kirsuawa's dreams

Syed A (de) wrote: i love this it made go so horny

Samantha S (kr) wrote: ah, a classic Hammer. Sadly, minus Chris Lee.

Brenda S (kr) wrote: The film "Beasts of No Nation" touches this subject so well. A young boy (Agu), very family oriented tries to live to a happy life with family and rapping for fun with friends during the African war. His story only made me imagine of how really the kids in Africa are living during a difficult war era. A boy so harmless and skinny has no choice but to listen to an unknown commander who found him in the middle of the woods after having to see his family killed from the government. The commander brainwashes him into something that's not true. Yes, agu survived but his survival was nothing compared to the person he later turned out to be. It's hard because children, just like Agu , are currently going this same situation if not worse and that hard to understand. He had no choice to run in hopes to live and survive. The commander turned him into something he's definitely not, as Agu was newly exposed to killings and the smell of death; he became very used to his new life. The film was based on a story in 2005 but yet the same situation is happening now if not a lot worse than this film has portrayed it.

Luke M (kr) wrote: Undoubtedly the finest of her career, Halle Berry's superb performance in this insightful and thoughtful film makes her more than qualified to hold the honour of being the only African-American woman to win the Best Actress Oscar.

Kyle A (gb) wrote: This film should never exist