Playing House

Playing House

A young, ambitious editor finds out she's pregnant just as she lands her big break.

A young, ambitious editor finds out she's pregnant just as she lands her big break. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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O S (de) wrote: Stupid.George A. Romero, please quit!!!

Banu A (nl) wrote: This is a decent crime movie. But with that cast I expected something really special and I was kind of disappointed. All leading actors were great but overall the movie wasn't that impressive.

Jason M (au) wrote: Awe to the some. Loved it!

Ian M (gb) wrote: This may be a low-budget zombie flick, but I was so impressed with the effects & it didn't get boring once... There were some pretty genius deaths & it is well worth a view! Gotta love a zombie outbreak that started with mad cow disease.

Ashley H (mx) wrote: Held Up is an okay film. The movie does have some funny parts that are few and far between. Jaime Foxx does what he could with the script. I do like comedies but this was not one of my favorites. I thought Held Up was boring. I would not recommend this film.

Simon C (ru) wrote: Excellent film, a touching love story told with great finesse as far as cinematography, editing and sound go.

John A (ag) wrote: Bronson Returns For This Final Chapter In The Death Wish Franchise, Which Was Released 20 Years After The Original Death Wish Movie. Kersey Is Now Settled With A New Life, Now A Professor Of Architecture & Is Dating Fashion Magnet Olivia Regent, The Vigilante Is Now Gone. But When Olivia Is So Badly Beaten Up, He Manages To Keep His Cool & Lets The Police Handle It. A Few Weeks Later And Olivia Is Murdered Kersey Brings Out His Guns One Last Time, Gunning For Irish Gangster Tommy O'Shea Olivia's Ex-Husband & The Man Responsible For Her Death. Charles Bronson Kicks-Ass For A Final Time In His Final Movie Appearance (Not Including The Family Of Cops TV Movie Trilogy). This Time Coming Up With A Few Different Ways To Kill, That Doesn't Involve A Gun.

Sebastian P (jp) wrote: Una obra maestra de una leyenda del cine.

joe b (es) wrote: if you want to lust after pam greer give it a watch ...if not..leave it on the shelf

Rameshwar I (ag) wrote: Dirty Harry is one of the most legendary and popular characters which has spawned numerous imitations not just in Hollywood but different movie industries across the world. Who else better to pull this off than Clint Eastwood who is flawless and effortless in portraying the role. Harry Callahan (Clint Eastwood) is a trigger happy unconventional cop but always brings results. When the city is threatened by a sniper aka Scorpio Killer (Andrew Robinson) who keeps putting down random victims holds the city police for ransom to stop his rampage. Harry is assigned for the task and they come up with a plan. The sniper gives them a slip after repeated plans lure him to their cage. This time the Scorpio killer takes it personal and asks Harry to deliver the ransom for a final showdown. Follows a textbook story telling process which later becomes a formula for the genre. A detailed introduction of the antagonist followed by the protagonist only after which the plot surfaces (as wafer thin as it might be) slowly building up to a final showdown. Though the Scorpio killer initially comes off as weak and mad, his character progresses steadily during the course of the story giving multiple dimensions and levels to his character. It is not comprehensible how the police department misses the sniper even multiple sightings with all the man power, pre-planning and technology. But the star is undoubtedly Clint Eastwood who carries the entire weight of the movie and even gives it a considerable boost with an uninterested look on his face, the hype surrounding him because of his volatile trigger happy nature and sharp one-liners. Simple yet captivating screenplay allows Clint Eastwood to drive the star vehicle

Greg B (au) wrote: A delightfully campy undersea adventure. It's pretty predictable, but it is fun. I laughed hysterically several times at the silliness.

David F (mx) wrote: A social critique masterwork