Playing It Cool

Playing It Cool

The story of a young man disillusioned by love who meets a breathtaking young woman at a charity dinner by pretending to be a philanthropist. Turns out that she’s engaged to a guy who doesn’t like her going on dates. Challenged by the chase, and egged on by his eclectic friends, he feigns a platonic relationship in order to keep seeing her as he tries to conquer her heart

Unrequited love motivates a guy to write about his experiences. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Tim M (it) wrote: Another splatterfest in a swamp.

Nancy E (es) wrote: It was a bit disappointing since it was meant for after the series. Thank goodness the series is coming back to have a proper ending!

Gabe C (us) wrote: There's a pattern in Hollywood of making low-brow comedy movies. It doesn't take a lot of money, or time, and no one every gives a crap about them, but they do make money. And as long as they can effortlessly pump out unfunny, offensive garbage and make their budget back, they always, always will. I seriously consider this wrong, it's true of Adam Sandler movies, it's true of these kinds of movies, and it's true of something like the resident evil movies. There is no effort put into any of these things at all, and they know they don't have to. They just produce it. This is when it's questionable wether or not these movies can be considered art like other movies. But, there is a market and it is a product. I guess I can't blame them for trying to make money. If you haven't guessed it by now, DONT watch this movie, it's one of the worst movies I've had the pleasure of watching, and it's not funny.

Stanley C (es) wrote: This is nothing like the original, and the rules for the game in the sequel are too twisted and lack the same structure as did the first game that made the original movie an incredibly smart blend of tragedy and melodrama.

Dylan R (es) wrote: good movie about clown rape

Zachariah R (kr) wrote: I borrowed this movie from the library one day, and it became one of my favorites. I never knew that Hallmark could produce such great movies!

Paul W (jp) wrote: The story of Dian Fossey and her love affair with a bad of Gorillas in Africa is rousing stuff. Born of a simpler time 5 years before Spielberg did his CGI dinosaurs in Jurassic park, the film would never be made like this again. It's hard to imagine Sigourney Weavers face showing the same rapture at the sight of a blue screen.

Lisa S (jp) wrote: best movie ever. the new one is not as good as the orignial.

Miguel A (de) wrote: So vrios os excelentes momentos que "Time after time" alcana com um argumento altamente imaginativo, despretensioso e livre, que coloca os arquirrivais H.G. Wells e Jack, o Estripador, em perseguio atravs do tempo. Nicholas Meyer consegue absorver-nos para a comparao entre a Londres de 1893 e a So Franciso de 1979, com estimulantes sequncias como aquela em que Jack, o Estripador, liga a TV, num quarto de hotel, e percebe que se enquadra perfeitamente naquele presente (futuro para ele) violento. Mas se h um bom sci-fi de propores titnicas em "Time After Time", esse acaba por ser um pouco amolecido por um romance bastante careta entre H. G. Wells e uma bancria. Romance esse que transporta o filme para um terreno mais Disney (a produo da Warner, um estdio por acaso geralmente conservador e amigvel para a famlia).

Jonathan T (it) wrote: This is a pretty depraved mess!!! Shelley Winters is psycho as hell; be forewarmed the movie includes prostitution, graphic murder, shootings, drownings, prison male-on-male rape, aging female rape of a younger man, child molestation, blasphemy, incest, dope snorting, armed robbery, cursing, premarital sex, animal cruelty, Ku Klux Klan members, illegal firearms, etc... everything for the ideal Friday Night Family movie experience!

Todd R (ca) wrote: What a sentimental mess.

Vessela D (it) wrote: Great movie - beautiful and touching...:) I simply loved its atmosphere and the actors were perfect too... :)

Lara D (nl) wrote: I expected more and this left me disappointed