Playing the Ponies

Playing the Ponies

The stooges are gypped into trading their restaurant for "Thunderbolt", a washed up race horse. When Curly feeds Thunderbolt some chili pepperinos, he runs like crazy towards the nearest water. The boys enter Thunderbolt in a big race. With jockey Larry feeding Thunderbolt the pepperinos, and Moe and Curly on a motorcycle leading him with a bucket of water, they win the race.

The stooges are cheated into trading their restaurant for Thunderbolt, a washed up race horse, and enter the horse racing industry. When Curly feeds Thunderbolt some chili pepperinos, he ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Playing the Ponies torrent reviews

Spencer S (us) wrote: Though this film isn't actually all that funny, some of the characters are flat, and there are many stereotypes and clichs in the script, there's something very likable and real about this film. Henry (Klein), our lead character, wants to be a great writer, and so he reads and quotes and lauds the craft of writing, but doesn't do the work, and therefore has nothing to show for it. Hannah (Cuoco) doesn't read a lot but she does the work and good things happen for her. This parallel makes up the entirety of the film and inspires a lot of the character driven action, which is really well thought out. Some of the other characters didn't feel all too realistic, including the Mooney's (Walsh and Polo), who were played too over the top and flighty. William (Bennett) was a great stereotype of the pretentious writer who doesn't write, and Farina as Butzin shows the gritty writers who still exist but can't hack it among the top dogs. The main reason this film is loathed, besides that's it's not ever funny, is because it's a mockumentary that looks like a regular movie. It's not shot like a documentary, the editing is polished, the crew is somehow everywhere they are and shoot everything perfectly. It's really off-putting when other characters apparently see the cameras and ask about them, and you as the audience have forgotten they exist in the first place. Though there are some great ideas and characters, this was just too convoluted to work.

Joseph G (de) wrote: Interesting look at a vigilante...

Antti Q (ca) wrote: Some healthy food for thought in 10 minute snack size portions.

Brandon P (nl) wrote: Sucked less than the first, not saying much....

Heekiah J (es) wrote: Tabu is the Indian Meryl Streep. This is a great performance and an amazing story. If you think you know Bollywood you don't know anything if you haven't seen this movie. Wow, I'll even say it backwards woW!

Cheryl L (fr) wrote: I didn't have very high expectations for this movie because of the cast change but it actually turned out to be really good. Very funny to watch.had low expectations 4 the film, coz of the cast change, but it actually turned out better than the 1st 2. Really funny and fun 2 watch.

Zachary A (br) wrote: One of the most underrated masterpieces of all time.

Camille L (mx) wrote: Il tait une fois en Chine est un film lgendaire de Tsui Hark, un monument du cinma d'arts martiaux chinois, un point d'ancrage dans la chronologie du cinma de ce pays. Il est facile de comprendre pourquoi tant il reprsente la somme de ce qu'on veut voir quand on se pose devant un tel film : les combats sont nombreux et virevoltants, Jet Li est badass souhait, les bad guys sont trs mchants, l'humour dbile y est bien prsent... C'est d'ailleurs son problme, aujourd'hui en 2015 : il n'y a quasiment aucune surprise et le film est souvent trop plein de tous ces lments. Parfois trop long, voire incomprhensible, Il tait une fois en Chine a surtout extrmement mal vieilli. Le ventre mou y serait presque rdhibitoire s'il n'y avait ce final fabuleux o l'inventivit de Tsui Hark ressort comme neuve, dfiant toute logique. Bien sr, c'est un trs bon film. Mais d'autres films de Tsui Hark ont bien mieux vieilli.

Jeff B (ca) wrote: Crikey, can there be a movie that is lonelier than this? Beautiful looking film by Carl Theodor Dreyer with his typical pacing to it. Nina Pens Rode is amazing as the title character. After watching this movie I just wanted to walk down a path in the dead of night by myself for a couple of hours. The camera work is amazing, and the way the actors talk to each other without really talking to each other, there were hardly any moments when people made eye contact wit each other. Very good and extremely well done.

Harrison S (ag) wrote: I love this movie everyone should see it......

Jake D (ca) wrote: I thought the movie is a lot better than everybody gives it credit for. Story is good and cinematography great. Fresh twist on the whole samurai thing without getting to crazy.

Dimity P (kr) wrote: I dug the hell out of this movie. I thought it was great quality (especially for being made in 1980) and I liked that it was pretty matter of fact-Loretta Lynn's life is so interesting, there's no need to overly dramatize. I definitely need to get one of her cd's from the library.

Marcus W (gb) wrote: Like a mug of tea on a cold day.

Nicolette H (ca) wrote: I enjoyed this film. That it was very entertaining and sweet. I don't need to own it though but I would watch again. :)