Playing the Victim

Playing the Victim

A young man drops out of university and goes to the police. He's done nothing wrong he just wants a job. A particular job. Playing the victim in murder reconstructions. Maybe by getting close to death he can manage to cheat on his own.

A young man drops out of university and goes to the police. He's done nothing wrong he just wants a job. A particular job. Playing the victim in murder reconstructions. Maybe by getting close to death he can manage to cheat on his own. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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lil stilly l (ru) wrote: Cult movie in the making...

Dennis L (kr) wrote: Great comedic script with enough interesting characters to drive the movie. Highly enjoyable.

Franky M (au) wrote: The first thought came into my mind is this is not like those French films I watch normally, it somehow giving me the feel of American independent films. Lou Doillon has a special look which really brings the character of Georgia alive, who buried her sadness of losing the love of her life under the glamorous night life, yet she is brave and liberal. The setting and the costume is nice with the camera move. It also with a sense of humour, I just wish the cadence would slow down a bit as the twist in the late part come in quite a sudden point.

Nicholas G (jp) wrote: We are so used to seeing Adam Sandler star in stupid comedy movies and make an ass out of himself, that I found it surprising to see a good performance from him. This movie is more of a drama/comedy movie and thanks to its talented director and a cast who bring out some good performances, this movie is worth your time.

Jim H (mx) wrote: A woman suspends her life to support her imprisoned husband.There is without a doubt something profound, personal, and authentic about this film, which is to the credit of Emayatzy Corinealdi and writer/director Ava DuVernay, but the plot is plodding and slowly rendered. it's hard to make an exciting film about waiting, so part of the film's problem is the story it's trying to tell. Nevertheless, the film has important things to say about gender roles, race relations, and personal growth.Overall, Middle of Nowhere tries to rend the most out of its actors and story, but the film's pace ultimately dooms it.

Sarah D (au) wrote: Really entertaining and funny. A fun film to watch with the family

Alyssa N (ag) wrote: This well-acted and entertaining Japanese drama tells the fascinating story of an Edo era courtesan, played by the always interesting and always alluring Anna Tsuchiya. You can tell this whole movie was filmed to be pleasing to the eye, and with Anna's stunning exotic beauty combined with the lush, vibrant period costumes and sets, it certainly succeeds. The soundtrack, too, is unique and daring enough to stand out, but still fits the scenes well. The story has an epic feel to it, and it really makes you want to root for this girl through the good times and bad. Unfortunately, the pacing is a little too slow and even awkward at times, and I think a little more time and care in the editing room could have done wonders.

Ole K (it) wrote: Ikke saa bra film.. men en fantastisk pokerspeller.. must see for alle pokerfolk..

Frank B (nl) wrote: A good portrayal of how the Aboriginal Rights Movement (ARM) is fighting against the anti-traditionalist factions. In real life, AIM fought against the GOONS in the early 1970's. Anyways... this is a good one and I strongly suggest this one for all Native film fans!

David H (nl) wrote: What it lacks in terror it makes up for in train, unfortunately it's not enough to save this movie

Dane P (br) wrote: One of the least scary horror films ever. Exorcist 2 tries hard but the story is far too complicated messy and is confusing to the audience. The music has some good bits but theres this annoying "HEEEEHAAAHEAAAAHHAEE" which is everywhere through the film.... But then again.... Unintentionally hilarious, never boring so bad its good flick with some pretty unique visuals included. Watch with a buddy and laugh along

Jac S (mx) wrote: Some very amusing dialogue... possibly a bit anti-semetic. unlikeably flat characters.

Anne F (gb) wrote: Very predictable love story, but there are some great lines, especially from Lew Ayres' drunk.

Bob C (ag) wrote: Best movie Elvis made! Fun for the whole family! And Elvis!!!!

Brendon M (mx) wrote: Loved it and learnt a lot about Marley and Jamica's history that I never knew. He really was like a Rasta Gandhi - just loved life. Wonder what he'd think nowadays with so much hate. I left half a star off as I would've liked more explanation where more songs came from. Know this might be hard as only Marley probably knows. One song I really wanted to know more about was Redemption Song - which is probably is biggest and kinda skirted over. "Love, prosperity, unity, Jah..Rastafari"

Blake B (de) wrote: Meh, not Tarantino's best IMO. Might be cool to watch with the girlfriend, but as a single guy it's hard to get pulled into the fantasy.