Pleasant Goat and Big Big Wolf 3

Pleasant Goat and Big Big Wolf 3

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Pleasant Goat and Big Big Wolf 3 torrent reviews

Luke B (kr) wrote: A decent film, but not as good as the original.

Matt B (ag) wrote: Certainly a film with it's moments but not a scratch on Die Hard 2

Oliver H (de) wrote: ...if you've got the stomach for it, then ok.

Robert H (nl) wrote: Schizopolis isn't just meaningless. It's super-meaningless. And it's bizarre as hell. And I laughed my head off. But my guess is that you won't get it at all. Yet who are you or I to argue with Steven Soderbergh when he says that this is the most important piece of film any of us will ever see?

Chris C (au) wrote: Powerfully moving and tensely driven, Shattered is a riveting thriller that depicts every parent's worst nightmare and showcases a dark, villainous performance from Pierce Brosnan and terrific performances from Gerard Butler and Maria Bello.

Sergio M (kr) wrote: i love the crispiness of the b/w, how every scene is so beautifully orchestrated, how every shot has the composition of the most perfect still life. nothing really happens but it doesn't really matter. i would have loved to see this on the big screen, as the main charater is the cinematography more than the story itself.

James C (jp) wrote: This is one of those movies that is so bad its good type of deals. Totally missed this growing up but is all over the sexploitation era of film or as the like to call it nun-exploitation. Basically you have a convent full of highly sexual nuns who finding various ways to get themselves off which include banging the butcher/handy man. My personal favorite, a nun who creates a phallus out of a piece of wood, has another nun draw a picture of jesus on the end of it to which the nun then proceeds to ram it up her you know where (yes, it shows it) while taking a hand mirror and trying to see the face of jesus while getting off. One of the best things ever. lol8/10

Eytan D (ag) wrote: Rats are an unbelievably terrifying backdrop for a horror movie. It goes back to good, old-fashioned horror straight out of Lovecraft or Poe. "Willard' understands that and it makes for a horror remake that infuses a bizarre level of tragedy to its title character. Willard is a sort of Shakespearean tragedy who gets one of the best, creepiest revenges I've ever seen on film. The character is such a joy to watch mainly because of Crispin Glover. Often portraying oddball characters, Glover is at his best here. I've never seen the original movie, but "Willard" makes for a good, creepy, squirm-inducing and entertaining horror romp.

Casey H (es) wrote: A very underrated Italian Western set during the Mexican Revolution, starring Tomas Milian and Orson Welles (!). Tomas Milian probably gives the greatest performance of his career as Tepepa, a flawed Mexican Revolutionary who becomes the peoples hero. Orson Welles perfectly under-plays a ruthless Federali officer with unsettling ease, very reminiscent of his performance in Touch Of Evil in my mind. Giulio Petroni's direction is excellent, using panoramas of beautiful Spanish countryside as his backdrop. Ennio Morricone's score is more low-key than normal but fits the melancholy feel of the film perfectly. Much like Petroni's previous western "Death Rides A Horse" he uses startling flashback sequences to great affect with the English doctor Henry Price (played by John Steiner). Fantastic ending sequence to the film that leaves the viewer with lingering questions on which side is in the right and who is in the wrong. In my top 5 Spaghetti Western films of all time and Petroni's finest accomplishment. Needs a North American reissue!