Plogoff: Des pierres contre des fusils

Plogoff: Des pierres contre des fusils

In the 1970s, France is developing a civil nuclear program, building power plants throughout the country without any consideration for the opinion of the local populations...

In the 1970s, France is developing a civil nuclear program, building power plants throughout the country without any consideration for the opinion of the local populations... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Plogoff: Des pierres contre des fusils torrent reviews

Nicholas M (it) wrote: it's getting pretty boring when the same formulae presented over and over again. predictable plot yet powerful performance by wu, as always.

Ernesto P (us) wrote: Smart, philosofical, psychological, fun, weird, crazy, bad effects on purpose. That is the perfect combo right there. Not for everyone and thats sad. If the most people were intelligent this would be one of the greatest films in history.

Edward C D (fr) wrote: Entertaining and a little too many predictable quips from the actors. Firefights engaging, but not too realistic, while hand-to-hand combat gripping, but likewise not realistic. It was fun to kill time and "checkout" for a little while with this movie.


Karsh D (de) wrote: a touching and funny comedy drama. an oap singing group is joined by a grumpy old man whose wife was a member of.

Sorrel (au) wrote: even though its not got the main guys in it, it still looks not too bad

Lu Mara (jp) wrote: ... el profesor de Matemticas que esta super chiflado!

Moo C (fr) wrote: Hercules is very sexy.

Roger R (ru) wrote: so love Joan Fontaine

Craig B (au) wrote: It isn't as witty or as lovable as the original Thin Man movie, but it is further proof that William Powell and Myrna Loy make one of the best onscreen couples in the history of cinema.

Corey W (it) wrote: The deeper you get, the more ridiculous it gets.

Brandon W (fr) wrote: This was the very first Batman movie I ever saw. I remember buying it at a garage sale for like 10 cents on VHS when I was about 10 or 11. I watched it and remember liking it, but I never really grew up with Batman. Spider-man was my superhero growing up. I didn't watch a single Batman film until The Dark Knight Rises in 2012. Now I consider myself a fan, but I wanted to revisit the film that technically started my interest in the character and all these years later, I still enjoy it. However, this is a very different take on Batman from either the Christopher Nolan films or even the previous Tim Burton films. Right off the bat, the first line of dialogue in this movie is a corny joke about the Batmobile going through a Drive-Thru. Add on top of that Nicole Kidman's forward approach to try to sleep with Batman, Tommy Lee Jones's over the top performance as Two-Face and that security guard in the opening heist screaming "Oooooohhhhh NOOOOO!!! HELP ME BATMAN!!!" and Jim Carrey's Riddler, this is an extremely over-the-top cartoon come to life. Not too mention that Robin is in this movie too. However, with all this over-the-top goofiness and silliness, this film also handles some of its serious moments rather well. It dives more into Bruce Wayne's past, the origin to Robin becoming Batman's partner is rather dark and tragic, and the serious talk about ethics and why Bruce Wayne chooses to be Batman between Val Kilmer and Nicole Kidman are actually pretty well done. So yes, there are some silly moments and over-the-top characters and plotlines, but I believe it actually does have a nice balance. Val Kilmer as Batman is actually not a bad choice, however, Michael Keaton played him better, in my opinion. So if you like Batman, and you like schlock, then you know what, this film really isn't as bad as the Rotten Tomatoes meter would have you believe. However, I'm a little scared to watch Batman and Robin. I might just have to stick with that entry being the one that I never see. Batman Forever gets a thumbs up from me. Not as good as the two Tim Burton films, but an enjoyable film nonetheless.

Stuart K (jp) wrote: Produced, co-written and directed by Val Guest (The Quatermass Xperiment (1955), The Abominable Snowman (1957) and erm... Casino Royale (1966)), this is a science fiction disaster movie that feels very real with it's settings and concept, it still feels relevant even today, even now, it's onto something. Peter Stenning (Edward Judd) is an aspiring reporter at the Daily Express, but his editor Jeff Jefferson (Arthur Christiansen) only gives him menial stories, but Peter has encouragement and support from veteran reporter Bill Maguire (Leo McKern), who gives Peter some assignments to do. One such story Peter comes across is during a visit to the British Met Office, where the Earth's temperatures and weather patterns have been going haywire, and Peter learns that the Soviet Union set off a bomb at the North Pole, and the American's set one off at the South Pole at the same time, and it's knocked the Earth out of orbit and it's now closer to the Sun, and water has started to evaporate and with nasty storms and mists causing destruction, and the government rations water, which causes riots and more chaos. It's like the 2012 (2009) of it's day, only more believable and straight faced, but it's actually quite scare and it was a social comment on the effects of nuclear testing. But, it still stands up over 50 years on, and it's cast are believable and compelling, as is Guest's direction.