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Plop en de kabouterbaby

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Ron D (ag) wrote: Is it just a 'thing' that women shamelessly announce when they have to use the bathroom? Seriously, in every other scene of "Women in Trouble," a substandard Tarantino riff with quirky dialog, precious characters and half-realized interlocking stories, the female characters mention to each other that they either need to "pee," have just "peed" ("twice," in one apparently amazing instance), or show them peeing. Treat! I'm not sure if this is supposed to be some sort of subtle humor, or if its just the writer/director's idea of how to make his female characters seem more authentic. Either way, it's distracting and indicative of a film that tries way too hard to convince the viewer it is smart and authentic, when it is in reality neither. A lot of good actresses and familiar faces are wasted in a bland homage to foreign film farces and the aforementioned Tarantino wordplay. A lot of actresses standing around in their underwear, talking like tough, sexy chicks but never going any further is a striking metaphor for exactly what is wrong with this bland attempt at a quirky, sexy romp: all talk, no action.

Kyle L (mx) wrote: some wild ass Australians..

Felipe F (jp) wrote: Romantically sweet, funny and inspiring, Jerry Maguire benefits greatly from Cameron Crowe's clever script and Tom Cruise's career-best performance - brightly supported by the natural charisma of Rene Zellweger and Cuba Gooding Jr. - making it one of the most compelling movies of the sports genre.

Weul S (nl) wrote: When a lonely widow and a younger horticulturist fall in love, their romance seems idyllic. Only when the societal pressures from her posh friends & selfish children become too great, does the romance falter. This is definitely a high mark for melodrama that punches the viewer right in the feels.