Plucking the Daisy

Plucking the Daisy

When ultra-respectable General Dumont discovers that his nubile daughter Agnes is "A.D.", author of a scandalous under-the-counter novel, he wants her shipped to a convent; but she escapes to Paris, planning to live with her brother, ostensibly a rich artist but really a poor guide in the Balzac Museum. This misunderstanding gets both in serious trouble, and puts Agnes in immediate need of money...just the amount offered as grand prize in an amateur striptease contest, which her new boyfriend, reporter Daniel, is covering for his magazine...

A Paris schoolgirl unwittingly ignites hellfire in the minds of men from Seine to Sorbonne. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Barry T (it) wrote: Great star turn from Faithful, this was interesting but the romancee was weak and out of context

Rajeev M (gb) wrote: does anybody knows its the debut movie of genelia dsouza

Daniel B (gb) wrote: Probably one of the best Christmas movies ever, Tony Danza's performance was perfect for the part and this ends up being one of the most heart-warming feel-good films I've ever seen. Written excellently and accessible to the whole family, I loved every second. 10/10 :D

Paul R (nl) wrote: very funny, especially Walken. typical British humour.

familiar s (mx) wrote: Though the two of them are as different as chalk and cheese, this movie reminded of 'Training Day'. Kurt Russell excels in the role of a ruthless NYPD detective Eldon Perry. Scott Speedman is equally effective as his partner Bobby Keough, whose conscience doesn't agree with Eldon's methods of handling the criminals.The movie is an average police drama with not much action. It tries to weave too much in less than 2 hours duration of the movie, which makes it a bit messy and can cause distraction. Also the last half hour was very dull. Not highly recommended.

Drew R (gb) wrote: Underrated as hell. Beautiful animation, catchy songs, and a strong princess.

Meraly R (ca) wrote: When I'm feeling low this movie and all of the music, spice girls and girl power bring me back and pump me up to take over everything including the world!!!

Fredy O (es) wrote: el amor, la muerte, el arte, la poesa, la vida.

Justin C (ru) wrote: Been waiting to see this movie for along time now and Man this movie was a trip. I was really worried the first 5 minutes when it looked like just some Cheesy everyday bio-pic but then the NYC footage of Edie came on an all my fears were laid to rest. Will defienitly have to watch this one again drunk to see if it's even more of a trip. I really only like the NYC parts of this movie because the story with in it is pretty bad but I don't think the directors were going for any kind of Oscar award winning story when they made this and probably wrote the story for filler purposes.

stefano l (au) wrote: Non ho mai visto molti western. Non so se sia meglio o peggio di altri ad essere sincero. L'ho trovato positivo tutto sommato, per non eccezionale. Un momento decisamente alto e che fa pendere la decisione suo favore del positivo la scazzottata nel bar verso la fine, con 5 minuti di ignoranza allo stato puro dovea parlare sono stati solo i pugni. Ogni tanto ci vuole.

Nate W (au) wrote: Set in fascist Spain in the late 1930s, "For Whom the Bell Tolls" (based on Hemmingway's acclaimed novel) pits a small group of guerrillas together against the enemy and themselves as they prepare to blow up an enemy bridge. The internal and interpersonal conflicts are kept in fine balance with the physical conflict of the impending mission, immeasurably helped by several strong performances (particularly Katina Paxinou), but the film does suffer from its exhausting faithfulness to the book. Running nearly 2 hours and 50 minutes, it could have used a more pointed script. Fortunately, the material is quality stuff, no matter how fatiguing. It successfully avoids getting bogged down by the politics of the Spanish civil war, but focuses mainly on the characters. Dramatically lit and shot in glorious Technicolor by "Gone with the Wind" lenser Ray Rennahan, "For Whom the Bell Tolls" is a beautiful piece of cinema. The High Sierra mountains of California stand in nicely for the Spanish wilderness.

Tanya P (nl) wrote: Just don't bother. Being a fan of Scott's I was hoping for a bold new retelling of a classic but instead I found myself two hours short of life watching a film in which I believe the director handed over the script with a brief direction to cry a lot and left, not only the room, but the country. I can't believe I'm about to endorse Mary Reilly over this but I am.

Tomas H (ag) wrote: 148 minutes, silent - not for Adam Sandler fans. This film is worth it for the final action sequence alone. A feat of history that this was ever even made. Imagine trying to make The Matrix without computers...that seems like a correlative analogy to the final sequence. Likewise, without a word, Lilian Gish couldn't be more charming.

Tim G (jp) wrote: I really enjoyed good morning Vietnam where robin Williams plays a wacky DJ for armed services radio for the Vietnam war I'm not a robin Williams fan but I thought he gave a good performance in this