A young singer/songwriter, despite being married, becomes involved with her new guitarist, who she soon discovers has a dark past and may be a danger to her and those close to her.

Hayley, a young married singer/songwriter, receives much criticism on her new album. While feeling down, she has an affair with Enzo - the new guitarist of the band. Hayley soon discovers her lover's dark past which may threaten her life and family... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Steve P (au) wrote: Ok but felt very long. Dialogue witty. Has the feel of a stage play.

Rodrigo T (us) wrote: Psimo el final, muy lenta la peli, no se, fue onda los personajes practicamente no hablan, pero no se expresan bien durante la pelicula. muy predecible. Saltos en el tiempo y a sueos sin sentido, psima. El conflicto es muy pobre, hace dudosa el sentimiento de la relacion desde el principio, no la recomendaria ni en un millon de aos.

Nikki N (mx) wrote: Powerful enhanced storyline.

Jason R (kr) wrote: One of the best performances in recent memory from Ben Affleck. The movie is all over the place as far as the plot goes, just a lot of stuff going on in this movie. But, it meshes fairly well and in the end. Man About Town is worthy of your precious time.

Jake P (au) wrote: Wimbledon loses a couple of sets to an all to familiar opponent of the romantic comedy, the cliche, but the chemistry between leads & the good-hearted nature of the whole endeavor is a grand slam.

Peter M (gb) wrote: A decent thriller which turns into a search and recue flick and finishes up with a decent amount of action.

Robby R (gb) wrote: Has some of the most languid, sumptuous, and tranquil scenes ever that don't quite sync fully with the narrative, but still a dream to behold.

Mark G (kr) wrote: I'm sorry but not only is this the most pathetic name for an American Tail movie, but they didn't have rollerskates for like, thirty years, at least, after Feivel's time. Lame.

Terri H (ca) wrote: No thankyou - Not interested.

Stuart P (fr) wrote: Slow, meditative and almost dreamlike, this is one for dog lovers and Anderson devotees alike.

Aaron C (es) wrote: Solid acting, especially from Yaphet Kotto as Idi Amin. Even Charles Bronson does pretty well.

Courtney H (nl) wrote: My favorite movie of all time.