Sketches. We see human crash tests: a human hits a wall at five miles per hour, 50 mph, and 3000. A woman kisses a man as he listens to his Walkman; through the kiss, she experiences the ...

  • Category:Short
  • Stars:
  • Uploader:DeGea
  • Country:USA
  • Director:Bill Plympton
  • Writer:Bill Plympton, P.C. Vey

Sketches. We see human crash tests: a human hits a wall at five miles per hour, 50 mph, and 3000. A woman kisses a man as he listens to his Walkman; through the kiss, she experiences the ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Chris D (de) wrote: Just....not a good movie. Could be because although I love Will Smith, I'm not so fond of his son.

Nick D (ag) wrote: Mediocre TV movie with slightly more gore

Adrian V (ca) wrote: An excellent German riff on Scarface. A very intense film with some great acting.

cli o (fr) wrote: no thanks not my thing

Jayakrishnan R (de) wrote: 86%Saw this on 21/6/14Lord of War is a film that was made during the times when Nicolas Cage knew what he was doing. So the film benefits from a good cast, my favourite being Ethan Hawke. Nic Cage, Jared Leto and Bridget Moynahan are good at their parts, although Jared Leto's character has fewer screen time compared to the rest of the cast. The direction and cinematography are good, but the plotting and the pacing are uneven, which is the most disturbing part of this film. Compared to the rest of the films dealing with true incidents of illegal trade, Lord of War has a different touch and ending.

Doug S (de) wrote: One of the best comedian casts of all time

Alex r (ru) wrote: Decent haunted house film, but could have been much better. Where the film fails is because it lacks anything truly scary, and is more tongue in cheek for most of its run time. The films biggest problem is that it doesn't know what it wants to be. The films plot is all over the place, and it uses all the usual clichs established by previous superior horror films. Twice Dead is mindless fun, but it leaves you wanting more out of the film. The film has some slasher elements thrown in with the supernatural and it doesn't quite succeed. I thought this was a decent film, but it lacked anything truly memorable to make it worth seeing. This film is worth watching only once, and doesn't necessitate multiple viewings. If you're looking for a great haunted house film, you'll be disappointed. Overall a decent film, but the script is so paper thin that it really doesn't do anything truly interesting with its ideas. Director Bert L. Dragin can\'t seem to direct a consistent film where there's some genuine chills on-screen. I liked the film, but felt it could have been much better. As a haunted house film, this one is quite forgettable and doesn't really stand out among others in the genre. The film had potential, but most of the time it ended up falling flat. A decent little tongue in cheek film and nothing more.

Zeb E (ca) wrote: Used to watch this and "Rad!" all the time with my brother when we were young... over and over. Good times.

Guye J (es) wrote: This 1986 horror movie is a classic! "Dusk Till Dawn" was a remake from this movie when it comes to vampire strippers. I love my girl Grace Jones. First time that I saw her in a horror movie. She was great and very scary has head vampire. Robert Rusler is another favorite actor. He is known in "Nightmare On Elm Street" and "Weird Science"! I like Billy Drago too. His roles is always a bad guy. Only one movie that I remember him playing a good guy which was the movie Tremors 3. Good job by director Richard Wenk!

Anastasia B (us) wrote: I had the luck to watch this years ago on the silver screen,during a retrospective of Cassavetes work. I watched this again on dvd and I would watch it again countless times. Far more than just a star's guilt trip or raging madness, this film was made for the love of the theatre. Painful, at times, very personal, seriously life-altering, and honest, with all the best qualities of John Cassavetes' work. Simply marvellous, beyond words.

Joshua L (jp) wrote: Jamie's performance in this is fantastic

Alex H (kr) wrote: It's ok. Alittle heavy with the action and teasing though. Maybe it could have been alittle more believable.

David S (jp) wrote: It isn't one of Eastwood's best, but I enjoyed it enough to like it. The story is pretty boring but picks up speed at the end. I thought the times where they broke the fourth wall was kind of cheesy and dumb. I thought John Lloyd Young and Vincent Piazza were very good and Christopher Walker added a nice touch to the film. Other than, it's a pretty generic music film.

Justin S (au) wrote: Animation is ok, don't know all other characters, but brought a valid point of killing bad guys. Sups somehow becomes really powerful at the end, needs more explaining