History comes gloriously to life in Disney's epic animated tale about love and adventure in the New World. Pocahontas is a Native American woman whose father has arranged for her to marry her village's best warrior. But a vision tells her change is coming, and soon she comes face to face with it in the form of Capt. John Smith.

Pocahontas is the daughter of Algonquin chief Powhatan, who promises her in marriage to Kocoum, a brave whom she doesn't love. When English colonists invade seventeenth-century Virginia, she becomes enamored of handsome John Smith. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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joseph d (es) wrote: I was not expecting this movie to be this good. But it was great!!

Naughtia N (us) wrote: I was amazed with this movie, it has such a touching story. It really captivated me. The movie follows a young African American woman who is a single mother of 4 in a very harsh neighborhood. She gets accused and charged of dealing drugs even though she's innocent. She's an honest women with a clean record and there is a hint of racism in the air of the accusing lawyer. The movie follows the woman while she struggles to prove her innocence. This movie was touching and really makes one think about the World we live in and all the judgment we have against the people we know too little about. I loved this movie and I will remember it for a long time. Also it had some very great acting talents, a must see.

Griffin V (fr) wrote: Not only does it have the most inexplicably phony character of all time, it's fucking boring and obnoxiously elitist.

Cliff B (us) wrote: A cute variation on the timeless story of Christmas

Lucas B (de) wrote: A great film that is great for self-confidence!

Dimity P (ag) wrote: Great acting but I don't really know what I feel about the rest of it. I didn't find it funny in the least, probably because I have some knowledge of what mail order brides actually experience and it's not a really funny subject. Also, I don't know what we're supposed to take away from this movie-that all men are pigs or that women are manipulating bitches? I think the filmmakers took on a grim subject but failed to stir any emotion in me other than discomfort and ambivalence.

Graydon B (ru) wrote: A good one too! Good action, ok plot, but again a good Godzilla film!

Juli N (ru) wrote: AKA National Lampoon's Yakuza Vacation!

Jason H (it) wrote: Basically, it's like Buck Rogers filmed German Expressionist-style on a lunch money budget. Genius.

Christopher B (mx) wrote: Phenomenal. As a kid this movie frightened and entertained me like no other. Love it

Lauren W (nl) wrote: Oh, this movie! Probably the only movie to genuinely move me to tears. It's a shame movies today can't be as good as the ones in the 40s and 50s!

Michael W (us) wrote: I think the critics were too harsh. This movie took a little bit to get going but once the C4 detonation in the tunnel happened, the movie really kicked into gear. I liked the movie.

Steven J (au) wrote: Yeah it's another 90's action movie, but it's got humor, great dialogue, good energy, a suprisingly good story and some great performances. It's not a masterpiece, but as an action film it's up there with the best.

Rex A (au) wrote: Andrew FREAKING Scott. Anything else need to be said? Nope. Didn't think so.

Maria H (br) wrote: Intriguing, engaging and suspenseful. First of this genre I have seen. I will look for more. Both the cinematography and the music enhanced the film to make it even more entertaining. I'll buy it when it comes out on DVD. I feel as though I'll notice more each time I watch it.