Pocahontas: The Legend

Pocahontas: The Legend

Englishmen come to explore and settle the new world. There they find natives who are curious about their "firesticks" and strange customs. One Englishman, John Smith, is captured by the ...

Englishmen come to explore and settle the new world. There they find natives who are curious about their "firesticks" and strange customs. One Englishman, John Smith, is captured by the ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki

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Pocahontas: The Legend torrent reviews

bill s (ag) wrote: Andy Kaufman would've been proud.....I get the point but I just don't care.

Andrea T (ru) wrote: Way better than 8 Mile....

Kyree H (gb) wrote: i LUV DIS MOVIE!!!!!!

Zachary M (jp) wrote: I can clearly remember growing up in high school when this movie was all the rage. Everyone was talking about it and quoting it left and right. I'll also admit I found it fairly entertaining, and that's why after years of not seeing it, I wanted to check it out again. Boy has this thing not aged well. The film's premise is still sound and some of the characters still feel fun, but most of the jokes and gags really don't work for me anymore. Now some do, but I found myself rolling my eyes more often than laughing, which for a comedy is a real problem. The only thing I could think of after the fact, was did I really find it that funny all those years ago, or did I think I liked it because most of my peers did, and there for I was supposed to like it? If for nothing else raising the question of such ideas of how film is influenced by peers, social groups, and a collective the film was worth the re-watch. But not for Ben Stiller's scene chewing, defiantly not for that.

Bruce B (kr) wrote: This movie shows how important what you say affects people, it could teach us all a valuable lesson nonetheless it is a great movie!

Scott C (us) wrote: Not one of Truffaut's best films.

Rian P (it) wrote: Certainly no longer scandalous (because of the implicit sexual themes, the Catholic Church's Legion of Decency gave the movie a 'C' rating, standing for 'Condemned' - meaning a good Catholic commits a mortal sin if they see it... hehe, what morons), nor is it as funny, but overall, I think it's still a pretty good film. Three superb performances by Karl Malden, Carroll Baker and Eli Wallach, coupled with Elia Kazan's direction and the fact that it was based on a Tennessee Williams play make it worth having a peak into.

Andrew M (es) wrote: Dodgeball - A True Underdog Story is Ben Stiller's best movie and he played his role amazingly. Dodgeball is probably Vince Vaughn's second best movie. His best movie is Unfinished Business. However, the plot of this movie was hilarious. I couldn't stop laughing. Vince Vaughn and Ben Stiller are comedy gold. I would very much suggest this movie.

Joshua M (gb) wrote: This movie needed more of a plot to even be considered watching. The only good part of the movie really is Tom Felton.

Zahari S (ca) wrote: An incredible Love Story! True Love has no fear! Not even from death!

Lisa Michelle A (au) wrote: This was quite a good film and one of my favorite Vampire films. I was interested in seeing it as it had Brendan Fehr in from Roswell and it turned out to be a reallly good film. One of the best little known Vampire films out there. My sister owns the video and one day i hope to own the DVD, if i can ever find it that is!!!