Pocket Maar

Pocket Maar

Film starring Dev Anand, Geeta Bali and Nadira

Roshan lives a poor lifestyle in Bombay along with his widowed mother. His mother thinks that her son is gainfully employed but Roshan has made crime his career and picks pockets and ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Shobhit S (ag) wrote: wish i had an option to give( - 5 )rating.....the worst movie i saw ever

Eliabeth S (ru) wrote: Absorbing! The 2nd half is completely different than what you expect from the 1st half. Love the thriller aspects, though the "love" portion rather misses the mark. Also, according to this movie, Parisians apparently work in gorgeous offices in gorgeous outfits and do minimal amounts of work for huge pay-offs -- and if this is true, I'm not sure why we don't all live there.

Jordon J (ru) wrote: The film has a very interesting premise & being based on actual event's it's pretty interesting,It drags a bit here & there but it's definetly worth a watch so im gonna have to say RENT IT!!!

Laura M (ag) wrote: I haven't read the book yet, but the movie was interesting. It held my attention for the entire duration, however, there was something missing even though the acting was good.

Russell S (it) wrote: Oh dear. How the screenplay ever managed to get this movie green-lit is beyond comprehension...as is the entire plot. Not one thing plot-wise makes the tiniest lick of sense. The only good thing to come out of this movie was that Michael Caine's fee bought his mother a new house. My half star rating is purely out of sympathy.

Anthony L (ag) wrote: Harry and the Hendersons is an 80's classic. Not the big Steven Spielberg production it could have been, more of a welcome relief in fact. The TV show was pretty good too, Sunday afternoons of Harry and the Hendersons, Alf and then Dinosaurs were the happiest of my childhood. Harry was also a Predator, who knew!?

Carolyn M (mx) wrote: Great Movie!! I like Miranda richardson so i like the movie. Good storyline. Everyone should see it at some point in their life. P.S. it is a murder movie not suitable for small children!!

Stephen A (au) wrote: Pulling several peoples' stories together and telling the overall tale of Operaton Dynamo is a feat well pulled off by Leslie Norman. Many British stalwarts, such as John Mills, Bernard Lee and Richard Attenborough, are on hand to see through a wide-ranging, well-crafted and powerful window on a major piece of British history. Some sequences are chilling, like the ones involving the artillery battery and the French refugees on the road, and the action, once it gets going properly, never lets up. A film I can watch again and again, and an important British movie.

Ashley H (fr) wrote: Legend of the Lost is a disappointing film. It is about an American ne'er-do-well who is hired to take Paul Bonnard on an expedition into the desert in search of treasure. John Wayne and Sophia Loren had no chemistry together. The script is boring and predictable. Henry Hathaway failed to overcome the challenges of casting and the script while directing this movie. I was dissatisfied after watching this motion picture because I'm a fan of both Wayne and Loren. I would not recommend seeing this film.

Brian B (jp) wrote: While "Seven Samurai" is usually referred to as Kurosawa's best film as it usually ranks the highest out of all of his films in "Best of" lists, "Rashomon" is often compared to it, and the 2 films can often be seen as rivals. The impact that "Rashomon" has had on cinema history makes it a pretty strong contender to top it as well.After a priest, a woodcutter, and a commoner take shelter in a former gatehouse, they discuss a murder which happened days earlier. They discuss different sides to the story that the people involved in it said when questioned by the police, all of which contradict each other.What this film is most famous for is its use of flashbacks. Flashbacks were practically non-existent for old movies back then, and most of them were straightforward. "Rashomon" stood out from them, and it was very influential when it was released. In the scenes where it shows the suspects giving their sides of the story at the courtyard, they are faced directly at the screen. The police in front of them who you'd expect to be asking questions are never shown on screen, and they never say a word. It feels like the characters are communicating with the viewer, and they're telling them so they can decide which story they believe. This is known as "Breaking the 4th Wall". It could be possible that this film influenced this film technique.Another aspect of this film which deserves recognition is its cinematography. The symbolic use of sunlight gives the movie a greater sense of ambiguity. Film critics and professors have discussed what it means in the film. Some critics have said that it's used to represent evil and sin in the film. There was one scene where the woman gave into the bandits demands after she looks up at the sunlight. You could argue that sunlight is used to represent good, while darkness is used to represent evil. Also, director Akira Kurosawa wanted to film in only natural light. However, he had trouble getting enough of it as it was too weak. To solve that problem, he used mirrors to reflect the light. Also, the water used as rain in the gatehouse had to be tinted with black ink so that the cameras would be able to capture it.The weather is a crucial aspect in this film and it also is in many other Kurosawa films. In the scenes at the gatehouse, the weather is rainy most of the time since most of the characters are in a depressed mood after what they experienced at the courtyard. The parts of the film where they discuss the murder all happen during the rainstorm. The rain symbolizes mankind's wickedness. It is present up until the ending where the priest finally restores his faith in humanity. After that, the rain immediately stops and it is replaced with sunshine.A common criticism people have with this film is that they think that its acting is over-the-top. It bugged me at first, but the more I thought about it, I began to realize that there may be a deeper reason for why the acting seemed weak at times. The several scenes of the crime aren't really happening in real life. These are all secondhand accounts of the crime told by the criminals. For all we know, the criminals could've been acting real mellow. We don't know for sure. We are relying on different viewpoints of the crime told by people who all probably have unfavorable opinions of the other people involved in the crime. Even during the scene where the bandit does an over-the-top laugh at the courtyard isn't really happening as well. Those scenes are flashbacks as well told by the 3 men at the gatehouse. This is a very creative technique that Kurosawa added in the film. From what I read, the acting is an extension to a common style of Japanese theatrical acting. However, while the acting may be over-the-top, I still liked it, because it was passionate and charismatic. Something tells me that the acting would've been more sterile if the movie had been released today.Overall, this was a really great movie. It's not my idea of a masterpiece as I felt like the priests' sudden change in opinion at the end of the film was a bit vague. However, that's the only flaw to this film in my opinion. Everything else in it is really good. The flashbacks that Kurosawa presented were really good and original for their time, the cinematography is really symbolic, the weather contributes to the film (which is only the tip of the iceberg), and the acting is actually pretty creative. Despite being over-the-top, it gets much deeper than what many filmgoers say about it. Overall, this is a really great movie, and I'm glad that I watched it. It changed cinema many years ago, and it remains just as vital today.

Vadim D (es) wrote: This isn't the best film to showcase Joan Crawford's talents, but there is still enough here to entertain. Her nice persona just doesn't shine the same way her bitchy one does. Still her toughness is an attribute to this pseudo-noir.

Caitlin L (au) wrote: A truly classic Christmas movie. Probably my favorite of all time.

Damarys R (au) wrote: Very FUnny!!!!!love it....

Becca A (br) wrote: Do you remember where you parked the car?