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Leslie R (au) wrote: Story was captivating. Bad acting part of the time.

James M (nl) wrote: This is the worst Bollywood movie and HR is failed hero.

Matthew B (mx) wrote: So this the movie that beat Saving Private Ryan for Best Picture at the Oscars...WTF?.Shakespeare in Love isn't a bad movie as people are pointing out to be just because it won Best Picture at the Oscars, but Saving Private Ryan was overall a better movie and should have won, just saying.The acting was good, the directing was fine and the sets and costumes were good as well.

Nadja B (br) wrote: A gay coming-of-age movie? Basically the gay version of every single John Hughes movie ever made? With a little more naked skin for effect, of course? Hell yes. I really enjoyed this movie and not just because of all the 80s pop and the cross-dressing going on!

Matt H (kr) wrote: Not a big fan of animal movies and this one was included.

joey b (mx) wrote: This was good but not great

Nick V (ca) wrote: I might be the only person who's ever liked this movie. Somehow, I feel like the premise would be better received in today's culture, but you can't argue it's originality and its well acted cast lead by a very funny performance by C. Thomas Howell.

Garrett M (it) wrote: One of my favorite animated films. Probably the best work Ralph Bakshi has made.

Adam S (nl) wrote: Lawrence Tierney makes a terse, menacing Dillinger in this quick, slightly fictional 70-minute cheapie from Monogram Pictures that certainly outlives it's modest construction.

Haytham K (ca) wrote: North to Alaska is definitely one of John Wayne's best. Capucine was as luminous as gold.

Alan W (ru) wrote: This is a very fine Mario Lanza movie

Woody W (mx) wrote: Mildly entertaining whenever there is some action on screen and the cinematography is pretty good -- even though John Ford preferred black and white film to color. However, the melodrama between Fonda and Colbert really dragged the story down, in my opinion.

Andrey B (ru) wrote: Great action film from the 90's.

Matt C (fr) wrote: I really wanted to like this, I really did but what a mess. It focuses around the making of 'Psycho' one of my favourite films and the one that got me into cinema in the first place. Hopkins looks nothing like Hitch, in fact he just looks and sounds like Hopkins in a fat suit. Exactly what he is. Alma Hitchcock was many wonderful things and it's refreshing to see her focused on but she was not the glamorous Helen Mirren and the half baked affair storyline feels pointless. I'm not even going to start on the Ed Gein dream/hallucination scenes...

KAMBIZ S (us) wrote: bad story, bad acting, bad directing,

logan w (br) wrote: love all the movies great movies