Pod Mocnym Aniolem

Pod Mocnym Aniolem

Jerzy is a celebrity writer and a chronic alcoholic who camouflages his drinking problem with his wits and charm. As a frequent visitor of the rehab center, he meets fellow addicts from all walks of life and social backgrounds.

Jerzy is a writer and a chronic alcoholic. We meet him at the point when he believes that he can beat his addiction. Him and her in bed. Somebody says "I love you". It seems that there is a... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Nath D (ru) wrote: Although in essence your standard run of the mill teen romcom, it's one that myself can totally relate to and it had me chuckling away throughout

Julian T (us) wrote: An atmospheric little horror/thriller that has alot going for it. Draws alot from 'The Omen', but has enough originality that it is something all its own. might have been alone on this, but I also got a little bit of a horror version of 'Fargo' here as well. A fine example of a minimal budget overcome by smart filmmaking and directoral vision. The story is interesting off the bat, and you get thrown a couple twists along the way. The script is hit and miss. Some of it feels well developed, but there's several moments of clunky dialouge that don't fit in. The acting is about what you would expect. Not great, not awful, although I always enjoy Rooker, and Holloway delievers a pretty decent performance as well. I am usually the first one to rip up movies featuring the creepy kid angle, but this one pulls it off right. The kid is actually creepy, and his creepiness is revealed slowly as to stretch out the effectiveness. Like I said, what makes this a good film is its ability to put together a desolate feeling atmosphere. It will not blow you away with action at any point, but it does a good job of capitalizing on the little bit it does have. The ending is creepy and definetly non-Hollywood, but it is a bit abrupt. Compared to a great deal of more mainstream horror films, this stacks up rather nicely.

Laura G (us) wrote: Having a 4 yr old lets you go back and watch movies you would otherwise never watch

Sweet Poetic R (it) wrote: funny..................good movie

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