Point Doom

Point Doom

A Hollywood talent agent's girlfriend thrusts him into a world of strip clubs, drugs and deadly motorcycle gangs.

A Hollywood talent agent's girlfriend thrusts him into a world of strip clubs, drugs and deadly motorcycle gangs. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Brett H (es) wrote: A schlocky and ridiculous crime movie that never goes anywhere and the entire film rests on the mystery of what's in the mysterious bag; once we know, the entire movie becomes too ridiculous to take seriously. John Cusack and especially Robert De Niro are fantastic actors, and it's a real shame that their A-list status does not guarantee a quality film anymore. The rest of the cast is pretty bad, though Crispin Glover tries to inject some life into his rather thankless role, the others just going through the motions. The problem is the story is dull and you're really only hanging in there to find out what's in the bag, which also leads to one of the stupidest climactic gun fights I've ever seen, and an even worse denouement that had me pleading for it to end. There are a few instances of funny dialogue (mostly from De Niro) and there was one cool quick-shooting scene, but it's largely a waste of it's talent and unfortunately won't matter because Cusack and De Niro have already moved on to more straight-to-video crap.

Jared B (jp) wrote: Very good acting wasted. It's a Cinemax skin flick minus the massive nudity.

Boris M (jp) wrote: I watched this movie last night and liked it. You can defently see the lack of money needed for this movie but the guys really made it work. The dances and songs and music is great and everyone can watch it. It's fun and anyone can relate to the story and the characters.

Russ B (br) wrote: 1/11/2016: An ok movie. An excellent cast and a plot that is realistic.

Thomas B (fr) wrote: The film doesn't have an easy road to travel but it does it well. Full review later.

Josh D (us) wrote: Oh [insert the name of who you worship here], why have you forsaken my ears and eyes with this atrocity of a film. A movie which lacks in plot so much that they had to get the MICE of all rodents to devise one. Thing is, the mice are comic relief and they become unbearable if they get more screentime than Cinderella. That's right, Cinderella is barely in this shite.The animation is amazingly cheap and the voice acting is stupidly unentheusiastic. The details of the backgrounds and characters don't look nearly as good as the original and THAT was over 40 years ago. Pathetic...Death to this drivel and the person who thought a Cinderella sequel makes sense...

David L (kr) wrote: Monsoon Wedding executes its subject matter really well with a strong script filled with many interesting themes. The performances are very good across the board and most of the characters are well realized. The film definitely lacks focus and is filled with too many characters and subplots, but it mostly managed to make use of them all with some scenes being quite emotional and powerful and the overall film being very dramatic and ultimately satisfactory.

D c (es) wrote: always an enjoyment for me to watch

John B (us) wrote: Good family movie and interesting story based on a true story and the life of Willie Morris

Greg B (it) wrote: Detailed, with experts left and right. Wonderful vintage film/photos. Most importantly, Inspirational.

Guye J (it) wrote: Great movie! It is like a ghetto Cinderella story in Jamaica!

Matthieu C (ru) wrote: Premier film, et deja une maitrise impressionnante.

Timothy E (us) wrote: Beginning in the vain of traditional horror, then easing into Toho's true-to-form giant monster mayhem, Rodan is one of the most creatively implemented monsters in one of the most creative monster movies out there. This is one of Toho's classics.

Samuel H (br) wrote: Absolute insanity. This movie moves faster than a scalded dog. There are so many plot twists and swings, you never know how things are going to work out. Cary Grant and Rosalind Russell are excellent and on top of ever performance. Nobody makes movies like this anymore. Hilarious, and also, just ridiculously stupid. You realize that the end result will be the pair of them getting together, but you don't have any idea how. And that's the fun of the movie. Excellent watch.

Shantel D (mx) wrote: Loved, loved, loved this movie! Everyone in it was great, and the story was wonderfully awful. Growing up is painful, confusing, and sometimes extreme - is is beautifully illustrated here. I'm so enamoured with indie films.