Poisoning Paradise: Ecocide New Zealand

Poisoning Paradise: Ecocide New Zealand

For the first time, supported by scientific evidence, and indisputable footage, this film exposes the truth about a practice that breaches human rights, animal rights, and unveils a deception that will leave viewers in shock! New Zealand claims to be clean, green, and 100% pure. But can a country that drops from helicopters, an attractive food mixed with 90% of the world's annual supply of the deadly pesticide 1080 - enough poison, every year, to kill its human population 5 times over - qualify for such an esteemed self evaluation? Can a country that relies on farming exports and tourism, afford to be so cavalier with one of the worlds most deadly poisons? Poisoning Paradise lifts the lid on this bureaucratic practice, exposing an atrocity that will leave you in disbelief.....

For the first time, supported by scientific evidence, and indisputable footage, this film exposes the truth about a practice that breaches human rights, animal rights, and unveils a ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Kristen I (mx) wrote: Awesome documentary that follows the lives of a white man and a colored/Indian woman that chose to marry, only learning after that their home state of Virginia didn't allow them to cohabitate. They fought it up to the Supreme Court and are responsible for overturning the law in 16 other states.

Jim H (fr) wrote: A couple who are bored with their relationship incrementally break up.Breaking Upwards is a charming, realistic depiction of a couple who are right for each other even though it feels wrong. Strong performances by director/editor/co-writer Daryl Wein and co-writer Zoe Lister Jones carry the film, which has a wry wit and some smart dialogue. And the last shot is truly heart-breaking.There were few things about the film that I didn't like, but they were so essential to the story that they were impossible to ignore. At the beginning, the stated reason for their break up is that they're both "bored." I recall David Thewlis's monologue from Mike Leigh's Naked in which he rants against people who are bored despite having untold possibilities for engagement: "You have the universe explained to you, and you're bored with it," he says disdainfully. Equally, I recall a former teacher telling me, "If students say they're bored, then they're boring people." I have little patience for characters and real people telling me they're bored, so I was hoping that during the increments of the break-up, past issues would crop up so that we can understand that there is a deeper reason for their split. Most people in their early twenties haven't been hurt enough to deserve ennui.Also, while on their days off, Daryl and Zoe have no shortage of other suitors. In the construction of the film's plot, this seems like an easy way out. Most often, the choices in real life aren't between a semi-fulfilling relationship and attention from new, flawed suitors (flawed certainly in Zoe's case, but not so much in Daryl's); the choices in real life are between a semi-fulfilling relationship and loneliness, which is a condition that motivates people much more than the lack of fulfillment one finds from fucking one's co-star in a bad off-Broadway play. I wanted to see these characters more vulnerable without each other, which would have made the ending of their relationship so much harder to stomach.Overall, there is a lot to like about Breaking Upwards, and during all of my future (and one of my past) failed relationships, I'm going to use the phrase "Let's not break up; let's break upwards," but as a film, this indie comedy falls into the trapping tropes that most films of its ilk fall into, making it good enough to make me wish it were so much better.

Sol C (ca) wrote: The film was so so. Patrick Wilson and Lynn Collins shine in the film. I was surprised at how short the film was. The film reminded me of a movie that Ed Burns would have made. However, if Ed would have made this movie, he would have done a better job with it. The ending was a little disappointing since I was expecting it to be different.

Joshua P (us) wrote: Quite funny actually. He is an idot but that makes the movie more funny than it would have been. I had no idea that the government was so involved in the Santa Claus coverup.

Christopher B (es) wrote: Oh my, this was awful. One of the worst movies I've seen in a good long while. Took me three days to get through and I just barely finished it.

Alexander K (nl) wrote: Tries to be Guy Ritchie, then falls flat on its face.

Joshua B (nl) wrote: The dialogue just flies off the screen and a great debut showing a lot of promise from Carnahan, which he proved with Smokin' Aces.

Pauline L (ru) wrote: Irwin Winkler brilliantly captures the madness that overtook Hollywood in the early 1950's. De Niro does some great work here. He projects a warmly masculine presence, struggling to maintain dignity while wrestling within with the Faustian bargain.This film teaches a lesson we are always in danger of forgetting: that the greatest service we can do our country is to be true to our conscience.

Irvin C (fr) wrote: A lower class college student gets himself in the circle of some higher-class NYC debutantes. It's an interesting, fascinating film whose sophisticated dialogue though fun to listen to (and I bet was also fun to write) just comes off, to me anyway, as often artificial, unbelievable (do rich young New Yorkers in their 20's talk that way during the late '80s/early 90s? I don't know but I find it hard to believe that they do) and borderline pretentious. Of course, that could be just part of the joke but nevertheless I was never bored!

Rob A (ru) wrote: This movie captured the true feeling of the lives of Sid Vicious of the Sex Pistols and his drug addict girlfriend Nancy. An absolute must see for any Sex Pistols fan, or Punk fan for that matter. This was one of Gary Oldman's first films, and he was completely brilliant!! To this day this is his best performance, nothing else even comes close. Love this movie, I think I've seen it at least 7 times....

Steve N (us) wrote: Everyone has a movie in their past that has some special memory associated with it. This somewhat obscure John Landis comedy from the mid-80s is mine. For better or worse, it inspired my film career. It was the first movie I ever watched at a theater solo. It was the film that introduced me to the sublime Michelle Pfeiffer, even though I'd gone to see it as a Jeff Goldblum fan (he was awesome as "New Jersey" in Buckaroo Banzai after all). The most prevalent takeaway from this film is the obvious fun everyone had making it. Landis, only a year or so removed from the tragedy on the set of Twilight Zone: The Movie, seemed to find solace in the company of his friends and colleagues, casting no fewer than 17 different directors in various roles and cameos. The physical schtick is a bit forced in places, but the wry wit --especially coming from Goldblum -- and set piece gags are a gas. All my sleepless nights should feature Michelle Pfeiffer jumping into my car.

Ennis Brokeback L (ru) wrote: This movie is about retarded cave men in the future. Glen and Randa make the kids from Blue Lagoon look like geniuses.

John D (mx) wrote: Varla has got to be one of the coolest movie heriones ever.

Brian K (it) wrote: An inconsequential melodrama made required viewing only because of it's nouvelle vogue aesthetic.

Jennifer H (br) wrote: I love transformation stories. This movie is about how Bette Davis goes through a makeover and becomes a lady. As much as I don't like Bette Davis, this movie looks cute and it's got Ann- Margret. I really want to see this so that I might add it to my classic movie collection.

Benjamin O (ca) wrote: Middling entertainment.

Hot F (ag) wrote: Terrible, boring movie. The end is ok but what leads up to it drags.