A poteen maker attempts to avoid the attentions of the Gardai in Connemara

A poteen maker attempts to avoid the attentions of the Gardai in Connemara . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Poitín torrent reviews

Shawn S (mx) wrote: This is marginally better than the last one thanks to having more scares and better characters.

tanya f (kr) wrote: lmao till the very end!

Glenn H (gb) wrote: I loved the goofy, but entertaining original "War Games." "War Games 2" was produced and immediately released on DVD. Without going into too much detail "War Games 2" is really a terrible rip-off. The plot is stupid, and the bad childish acting makes things worse. DO NOT RENT!

Andy G (es) wrote: unas pocas risas de ahi nada mas

Lilo C (kr) wrote: Let me get this straight. I m a geek not a nerd, there is profound difference. - William Redding

Troy K (fr) wrote: 3.5/5 Unique to say the least, but it was way better than I thought it was going to be.

Cassandra M (es) wrote: Ever wonder what it would be like to make your own film without a studio to support you and no money in the bank to fund it. Well, thankfully Mario Van Peebles' father forged ahead in the 70s with a dream and passion like no other. While Hollywood was content with making pictures that negatively depicted African Americans, Melvin Van Peebles decided to break this cultural norm and change the face of cinema. With no budget, money from friends and drug dealers, and a non-union crew, Melvin created the impossible. He grabbed a hold of an idea and let nothing get in the way from accomplishing it. Melvin had a dream of making an African American the center of the film, one that took no sass from anyone and criticized the modern white Government. While big studios backed away from this project, Melvin jumped forward made Sweet Sweetback's Baadasssss Song. There were trial and tribulations to get it done, but thanks to a very surprising source the film became a success. It was the first independent film to become the number one film in America.Similar to the passion seen in Melvin's eyes when he is making his low-budget film, Mario portrays that exact same involvement when making this low-budget film. What I loved about this film is that there is so much raw, unbridled emotion behind Mario's eyes that you can tell that he 1) loves his Dad and 2) wanted to show America the truth behind this innovator's life. This is Mario's past, and he superbly reenacts it on screen. He carries this film, showing us the many facets of his father. He shows the angry American, the independent talent, the powerful leader, and even the emotional parent. Through all of this Mario continues to keep this film focused and interesting. We cannot keep our eyes off his portrayal of his father. I would not be surprised if he is nominated for an Oscar this year.Finally, this is a very powerful film that speaks about a side of Hollywood that is less known. It shows how the boundaries of racism can be broken with imagination and persistence. It shows that 'all men are created equal' and that if you have a dream you should pursue it. If you are in the process of making your own film and need a movie that will inspire and motivate, this would be the film to watch. From the moment I put this film in my DVD player, I was glued. What a powerful story coupled with interesting actors (Adam West and Sally Struthers) and told with a very realistic voice.I highly recommend this film.

Wanda O (us) wrote: Fresh and Romantic... Loved it!

Rodney E (ca) wrote: Is it a comedy or a drama? Is it a dramam about comedians or a comedy with drama in it? I never could tell

Ian R (jp) wrote: one of the worst movies i've ever seen. If you actually enjoy boxing do NOT watch this movie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Walter M (de) wrote: After having pretty much run out of business opportunities as a bounty hunter and getting no younger, John Corbett(Lee Van Cleef) decides to browse respectability by attending the wedding of Brokston's(Walter Barnes) daughter. While there, Brokston has some business he would like to talk about with Corbett, namely running for Senate where he could protect Brokston's interests including a railroad to Mexico. Corbett responds in the affirmative. But before anything more can be discussed, news reaches them of the rape and murder of a twelve year old girl, committed by Cuchillo Sanchez(Tomas Milian). Considering the heinousness of the crime, Corbett takes it on as a favor but Cuchillo gives him the slip which won't be the last time... With Lee Van Cleef hitting all the right notes, "The Big Gundown" is a great looking, rousing and highly entertaining spaghetti western. That's not to mention the really cool Ennio Morricone score.(Heck, I even liked the opening credits sequence.) Of special interest is the attention given to the battle of wits on display over sheer violence(but relax, there is bloodshed) that goes beyond the Bugs Bunny-Yosemite Sam archetype by taking on the political and historical, not just the personal. The movie is set at a time(1850's?) when the west had been made not only safe for settlers, prospectors and pilgrims, but also a whole different type of criminal. And considering how much thought is given to violence here, one should really not think too much about what Corbett had been up to until now.

Ben H (ru) wrote: well worth checking out....

Orlok W (fr) wrote: Wot a mixed up Carry On!!

Ben W (it) wrote: i have to say, i respect carne more than i enjoy his work. the best part of him is always the atmosphere that he evokes. gabin turns in another good performance as does much of the cast, but i just felt more disconnected to this film than im used to. maybe theres no particular reason why.