Pokemon: Mewtwo Returns

Pokemon: Mewtwo Returns

In this direct-to-video sequel to Pokémon: The First Movie, Ash, Misty, and Brock continue exploring the Johto region, then have to rescue Pikachu after Jessie and James of Team Rocket ...

The story begins when the Team Rocket leader, Giovanni, has found Mewtwo in a remote area of the Johto region. As Giovanni tries to re-capture Mewtwo, Ash and his friends are kidnapped by Domino, a new Team Rocket member... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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familiar s (jp) wrote: Here's one of those movies where there are several characters involved in different stories that collide towards the climax (in the veins of Crash, only that I liked Crash a lot better than this one). Sorry, I'm not so sure of the last part. While I liked each story on its own reasonably, the way they tried to sum it all up made it look like a mess. Besides, I found the ending a bit too dumb. However, the performances were the main highlight of this flick. While Tusshar underplays his part excellently (as he usually does, IMO), Sendhil, Nikhil, Zakir Hussain and the rest of the cast also performed well enough. But surprisingly, the one who stood out from the rest for me was Amit Mistry (as Tipu herein). He was beyond marvelous. Wish I could have said the same for the movie. Nevertheless, it's worth a watch. Well, at least in parts!!! ;)

Sanriel A (de) wrote: Surprisingly simple, funny, depressing and resonant.

Jamie S (ag) wrote: The first story is watchable and most horror like. the second is bizare and the third is the strangest story i have seen in ages- watch it just for that i swear you'll be lost for words.

Gina W (gb) wrote: I lasted ten minutes.

Kathy D (nl) wrote: Not tooo bad...has a couple of funny bits. Good to watch just to pass the time.

Caleb C (jp) wrote: pretty forgettable but not bad.

Jian G (es) wrote: A film infamous for reaching a badness of extraordinary proportion by being a crash and burn on every technical level. Battlefield Earth has, a story riddled with plot holes and inconsistencies, trashy sets and effects, ludicrous dialogue, hammy performances, cacophonous score, choppy editing and awkward wipe transitions, aliens masqueraded as grubby Rastafarians transparently trudging on four-foot lifts. Worst of all, Battlefield is very off-putting to view with it's incredibly unsightly visuals. This is probably the closest to what "gangrene vision" would look like if it existed, yet even then the film is able to outdo itself in its ugliness by including overabundant dutch angles and tedious slow motion. John Travolta once claimed, 'the film would be like Star Wars only better' but there really is not a hope of successfully comparing Battlefield Earth with any sci-fi film, classic or mediocre. This is about as bad as a sci-fi film gets. Meticulous calculation would be needed if one deliberately tried to make a film of the same abysmal caliber. In fact, it's so far on the lower end of the spectrum, it's almost hard to believe Battlefield Earth and 2001: A Space Odyssey was made by the same species.

Shawn W (nl) wrote: A young zoology student takes a job with a professor as his assistant working with three chimpanzees. When one chimp trained to be a perfect butler seems to figure out that he is to be put down, he kills the professor and traps the assistant in the hilltop residence as servant becomes master. Suspense builds a bit here as you go in the latter half. Helped by Elisabeth Shue, who always seemed to be a cut above her peers. Another solid effort from the Cannon Group.

Harrison W (us) wrote: Love it! Keep it up, Apted. Still heartbreaking, but different. Really powerful seeing everyone grow up. I love seeing everyone in their bell bottoms.

Stan D (ru) wrote: Al Pacino plays real-life New York policeman Frank Serpico, who exposed the corruption in the NYPD, only to have his fellow cops turn on him. A tour-de-force performance by the great Pacino, who certainly should have won an oscar for this movie. With Tony Roberts.

David S (us) wrote: lots of laughs and bizarre experimental film making, but no monkeys.