n the history of Romanian cinema, Sergiu Nicolaescu's name stands for "prolific, highly commercial and professional". At the age of 80, the director launched his latest production, which is also his second comedy in a long row of action and historic films. "Poker" is a cinema adaptation of Adrian Lustig's theatre play with the same name, and focuses on four male friends, representatives for the social canvas: a doctor without a moral conscience, an unscrupulous politician, a chief of the local mafia, and a businessman who made a fortune in America. Made by MediaPro Pictures, 'Poker' looks at immorality and intrigues in politics, hinting at the fact that contemporary Romania is a day to day jungle where strings are pulled by those in power, so everything turns into a poker round, where those who have the right aces in their sleeve can win.

Four boys start neglecting school in order to meet in a hidden location and play poker. As time goes by, their poker games become more and more serious, while at the same time bring them ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Seenu R (kr) wrote: million times better than salman's dabang and body guardamazing story amazing acting by ajay devgan story was good but action sucked...

Jenn T (jp) wrote: Really interesting, awesome art!

danaree (fr) wrote: really funny and down to earth

Benjamin S (it) wrote: My favourite Kitano's Movie.Please dont read synopsys.

Caleb C (it) wrote: Moral of the story: Don't do heroine. lol This is a political film in some ways that uses horror as a metephor for drugs. I can understand how this film has the cult status it has. It's equally disturbing as it is hilarious. Any horror fan should check this out.

Tatsuhito K (de) wrote: Loved watching Tootsie and Dustin Hoffman is wonderful as Michael/Dorothy. Tootsie is an endearing and touching comedy drama that pokes fun of sexism and the world of acting with its tenderness. A genuinely charming film.

Tristan M (es) wrote: Interesting film, something that's seen less and less. It does a pretty good job, but still I wasn't sure what to rate it, either 6 or 7 out of 10. It is a pretty violent, gory film, something that really surprised me. It has good effects, good story and looks very real for the most part. The acting and script was pretty good, it had some bad moments, and in fact was a little deprived at times of diologe, because of the main characters vow of silence. He does speak, and is a pretty cool and badass character, until there's women involved. It's supposed to be about the 'magnificent seven' but other than our main guy, nobody seems that magnificent. Their just a few ragtag people who were put into a group and of course are unbeatable. I don't know how historically correct this film is, but it seems a little far fetched to me. Anyway it's entertaining to watch, the story is cool, and it's over the top brutal and gory. Some of the gore looks fake and CGI, but at the same time it dosent, and for the most part it all looks strikingly real. The characters are good and liked, except of course the king their fighting against. The ending was good, with a great heroic and sad last battle, in which I thought might end in a twist but didn't. Anyway pretty good, summed up by the words, awkward, gory, authentic. The only reason this movie really holds up at all is because there is no competition, no movies that are about this topic that take it seriously without the use of witches of magic and crap like that.

Alex M (it) wrote: A total waste of time. Don't watch it.

Cam E (ag) wrote: A funny film about a hideous nanny who makes 5 naughty children into 5 good children and she turns beautiful. Emma Thompson is brilliant in this film and I really enjoyed her acting and everyone else's too. There are a lot of jokes in this film which made me laugh quite a bit. However I didn't like Colin Firth in this film. I never really enjoy him or his acting I thought there was often a grin on his face throughout the sad moments in this film. But Nanny McPhee was still good, maybe not great but good enough to a lot of people.