Police Story 2013

Police Story 2013

A man looking for the release of a long-time prisoner takes a police officer, his daughter, and a group of strangers hostage.

A man looking for the release of a long-time prisoner takes a police officer, his daughter, and a group of strangers hostage. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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S K (gb) wrote: With mediocre acting (with the exception of Mira Sorvino), a script that feels like a first draft, sloppy editing and amateurish directing, this film has no perceptible atmosphere, almost no emotional resonance and leaves you yawning through a story of matricide. Another example of what could've been an interesting film squandered by what seems like technical aspects thrown-together last minute and a story/characters with substance neglected.

David N (br) wrote: Book: 4.5 starsMovie: 2.5 starsI know a movie (by nature) is going to be different than a book -- but in this case the movie is a disappointment for fans of the book. It feels like an abridged summary of the book (typical of book-to-movie conversion), but then there are so many movie elements that are *ahem divergent from the book that it constantly irritates. On strictly the merits of the movie, it lacks emotional depth and we don't connect with the characters. The motives behind their actions are not explored enough, leaving caricatures in its wake. You never feel the tension and dread of going through the Dauntless training - it all feels kinda like a typical boot camp with the standard players. In the abbreviated time frame of the movie, there is little time for growth into "fighting machines" and Tris is not believable as a warrior-type ever.I like some of the casting, and the opening scenes with the Dauntless making their entrance is exhilarating. However, the Movie Tris just looks pretty & cries a lot, and doesn't project that intensely brave, determined 16-year old that overcomes the odds stacked against her. Her true Dauntless mindset is mostly AWOL (to continue within the military mindset) from the movie.It's a hard job to convert a book where much of the story comes from the internal thoughts of each character. It all has to be projected through the eyes, the emotions and the limited on-screen actions you can show. The casting wasn't bad, but whether the movie script was poor, or the acting choices were just not done well... it never achieves more than today's typical sci-fi YA movie.

Robert R (au) wrote: Boasting spectacular animation and a handful of great vocal performances, this snarky reimagining of the Superman/Lex dynamic ultimately wins over its audience.

Daren P (us) wrote: Disappointing. Clearly, Charles Bukowski does not translate to the silver screen. Read the book, already.

Andrew L (es) wrote: It's simultaneously difficult to watch and impossible to look away- Thirteen is one of those rare films that affects you deeply, to the very core, with its simple yet horrifying tale of teenage angst.

Alex W (jp) wrote: what a mess. half the time its trying to be a made for tv lifetime movie about one womans struggle with the legal system to get her child back and the other have is horrible out of place jokes. Demi Moore looks pretty fit though i gotta say, also she has an unusually long torso. Its very obvious from this film we have come a long way sense the 90's in Brest augmentation. I also like the scary back guy and scary Italian guy being the good guys.

Andreas L (us) wrote: Har du sett denna underbara film?

Keegan C (fr) wrote: Electrifying cautionary tale, Superb acting by Gerard + Wojciech.

Bill B (br) wrote: I naturally managed to watch the middle film in a trilogy, but since it's a stand alone series, it's easy to jump into.The casual rape/torture scenes aside, this is a really fun movie, full of great sword fights and an amusing gadget-filled lair from which Hanzo works.Well worth a look, but be forewarned about the racy/controversial content.

pretty p (fr) wrote: another brilliant comedy

Jon P (de) wrote: The third instalment in Roberto Rossellini's unofficial 'war trilogy' sees the neorealist master tackle an innovative concept at a turbulent time. Germany, Year Zero is a spiralling study of one family's post-war struggles in Berlin, immediately following the collapse of The Third Reich. Rossellini offers a documentarians-eye-view of a city of ruins, rubble and rough uncertainty. His Year Zero Berlin is characterised by pianos chiming through roofless churches, children working to support their families and British troops posing for photos amidst the city's not-so-ancient ruins. The images are harrowing, yet the film's stifling cynicism and detachment from its characters drains it of its potential punch.Rossellini conjures the illusion of humanity, but there's little under the surface of the weeping caricatures that he presents us with as key players and, for this, the film lacks the zing of typical social realist fare. The great director's solemn approach is no doubt poetic and intentional, yet equally frustrating and ineffective under the promise of his premise and reputation.A maddening melodrama.

Jailhouse M (ag) wrote: Well-produced Action-Schlocker starting the career of acting-non-talent Steven Seagal. Campy, hollow fun, that did not age too well. The plot is beyond absurd.