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In 1984 the former Indian Prime Minister, Indira Gandhi, was assassinated by her Sikh bodyguards, and since then the Sikhs have been a target of violent backlashes by radicals and the ...

In 1984 the former Indian Prime Minister, Indira Gandhi, was assassinated by her Sikh bodyguards, and since then the Sikhs have been a target of violent backlashes by radicals and the ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Matt G (fr) wrote: WTAF IS THIS, just an excuse to grow the franchise in a even more of a shitpot, I though after the 3-4 they had learned their lesson with the home alone films, that they only work with Maculvey Culkin in them, which he isn't so The worst Christmas film ever

Aninha L (gb) wrote: Beautiful movie. Serious performance. Riveting, compelling, touching...

John P (ca) wrote: Normally I'm not one to speak ill of the dead, but I'm kind of glad Ryan Dunn is dead. Otherwise if he were alive, then my guess is that he would have killed himself after watching this pile of garbage. I mean, the thing is that this movie took nearly a year to make and produce. Not because it took a lot of money to make, but they ran out of money halfway into production and asked for Lions Gate for a hand out. So what is this movie about exactly? Well...think of the movie Ghost but with weed and bromance on the side, that's it!There is nothing good, significant, or special about this movie at all. Like this dream scene that happens on and off all the way through the film that makes no sense whatsoever. April Scott has some pretty lame acting skills herself. Half the time she has this look on her face like she cannot even believe she is in this film but she needs the paycheck anyway. Bam Margera makes a cameo in this movie, despite his name being on the front cover, and puts on the worst Southern accent I have ever heard. Which pretty much matches with his acting skills as well. This movie also takes a lot of footnotes from other stoner movies when it comes to weed and booze jokes like complimenting a black & white dog's fur for having nice suit or having that one guy in the group who doesn't say anything but lays around someone else's couch all day. There are couple of montage moments that really don't progress that much at all and it all happens within the span of five minutes. The only parts that made chuckle just a little bit was Ryan Dunn doing his ghost pranks like tripping over people or passing a bong to a friend even when it was floating in the air and the stoners don't seem to realize this. I don't recommend this movie to anyone at all, not even to my friends who are huge fans of Jackass so don't bother renting this piece of dead weight. Speaking of dead weight, I feel it is better to honor Ryan Dunn by watching some of his classic Jackass clips rather than viewing this film.

Vincent G (ru) wrote: worst movie of the year

Shuaib Y (ru) wrote: Many flaws in the script....but an entertaining movie....

Jeff B (gb) wrote: Early on in James Longley?s astonishingly breathtaking Iraq in Fragments, a man sitting in a rubble-strewn street is heard to utter ?If it?s like this in the beginning-what will it be in the end?? Moments such as these, burned into the mind?s eye thanks to Longley?s vibrant photography, make this film more than memorable?it becomes eternal. The cinematography, editing, and music of Iraq in Fragments (all by the hand of Longley) help to make this whole package pure poetry. Shot over two years by American Langley, Iraq in Fragments is an opus offering a trio of separate passionate portraits: ?Monhammed of Baghdad? follows a fatherless boy apprenticed to a domineering garage owner; ?Sadr?s South? chronicles Sadr followers rallying for regional elections even while they still enforce Islamic law with violent force; ?Kurdish Spring? tells the story of a Kurdish farming family welcoming the U.S. presence because it has offered them freedoms they never knew. Giving absorbing visage into the war-torn and not the actual war, this documentary unfolds these three engaging chapters that, taken together, form a prescient Greek Chorus giving voice to the Sunnis, Shiites, and Kurds alike. Just as in America, however, the voice is resounding, but rarely harmoniously unified. Though An Inconvenient Truth walked away with top honors at the Academy Awards, this accomplishment by no means bested Iraq in Fragments, which was also nominated. In a time dominated by many dire issues, some rise to the top of the public consciousness through politicking. Others stand on their own revelatory merits. Bottom line: A resounding voice that must be heard.

Private U (ru) wrote: interesting plot. cool music!

Andy I (es) wrote: A good example of a very bad horror film. Poor acting contributed to the devastatingly bad storyline, which made the film unbelivable and more importantly it lost the emphasis of the film which is too scare the audience.

Anthony A (it) wrote: Wish it'd receive more sequels and a sitcom!

Lee B (ca) wrote: Really? I must warn my brethren males that this film is not interesting at all. A smattering of latino actors just couldn't save this film that has little humor and a troublesome amount of uncomfortable situations. Raquel Welch continues to play up her cougar-like status including a set of nipples that can cut glass and then we throw in a random Eastern European billed as a Brazilian. To top it off we have Paul Rodriguez as a love interest, which could just make you barf up "Tortilla Soup". The film at the end ties itself together nicely, but not even in the most remotely way that would seem believable or possible.

dustin c (fr) wrote: real great movie to wacth

Jason B (fr) wrote: This one starts out a little slow but puts a classic twist on some of the best fairy tales out there!

Eliabeth B (ca) wrote: I totally love this movie

Cheryl T (gb) wrote: definitely not as funny as I remember as a kid

Gerard H (br) wrote: ... strangely compelling although I'm embarrassed I actually watched it. So bad it's actually bad. A lowbrow classic. You can have my copy if you like but don't tell anyone where you got it.

Marcus W (de) wrote: Following up the life-alteringly hilarious Kentucky Fried Movie was never going to be easy, but they had a go and sadly this feels like all the deleted scenes from that film. There is some gold: Michelle Pfeiffers sketch, Jack the Ripper Revealed, and The Son of The Invisible Man. But sadly the film as a whole is more filler than killer.

Andy P (it) wrote: It's a goofy and charming musical comedy packed full of surprisingly charismatic performances from it's all child cast.

Andrew H (jp) wrote: Now I know why this went straight to video.