Polle Fiction

Polle Fiction

The whole plot in this crazy comedy movie is a story about a geeky and nerdy guy called Polle, who lives in a little village named Snave, which is far out in the Danish countryside. Even though he has turned 30, he's is still living with his parents, and he's kind of an outsider in the little town. The only sort of "friends" he actually has, are three totally much more insane yokels named Heino, Jøgge and Knasti, who are always spending their time, doing live tough for poor Polle.

The whole plot in this crazy comedy movie is a story about a geeky and nerdy guy called Polle, who lives in a little village named Snave, which is far out in the Danish countryside. Even ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Js M (ru) wrote: This is one awesome movie. A great family film. There are not enough films like this. I saw this film had a 64% on rotten tomatoes and in the 30's for the critics. This movie should be 100%. Great wholesome film. Please watch this movie!!

Nick M (br) wrote: I wonder why the makers of this film loaded the cast with comedy heavyweights like Zach Galifanakis, Rob Corrdry and Adam Scott when there is really nothing funny for them to do here. At it's core, this is a rather violent slasher flick posing as a spy spoof.

Joseph G (mx) wrote: With this drama film, you need to add more elements. Dramas don't just involve emotional humor. In order to complete the pie, just add in more sugar of action for it to be good.

Umar E (ag) wrote: Highly underrated thriller.

Will D (ru) wrote: This labyrinthine film gradually wraps itself around your head.

Robert I (jp) wrote: A really underrated action movie from the creative team behind "Speed". Morgan Freeman and Randy Quaid as BAD GUYS! Yes!!!

Jonathan R (br) wrote: this should be crap, but it's so cute you can't be angry at it. also, this made me realize that the ability to perfectly replicate and project sound is truly a powerful and terrifying superpower.

Richard S (jp) wrote: The best film ever about a vengeful murderous talking alien slug who develops a guilty conscience after reading extracts from the Bible.

Scott P (it) wrote: First time I've seen this one. Well done and really liked Diane Cilento. Not one of my favorite westerns but really enjoyed it.

Mumin C (ca) wrote: Loved it. Mothra is still my favorite Japanese monster.

Mike M (mx) wrote: A thrill-a-minute, cinematic roller coaster ride through seedy bars; shady jungles; over rocky cliffs; raging waters; ancient temples; abandoned mines - and all points in between. Starts fast, gets faster - and doesn't let up. While not quite as intriguing as Raiders of the Lost Ark (and Kapshaw proving to be no Allen as leading lady) still a very enjoyable film for young and old alike.

Kyle V (es) wrote: 'The Grand Budapest Hotel' is heavily packed with a talented cast and stylish visuals but doesn't suffocate under its own weight thanks to a narrative that's deeply emotional.'The Grand Budapest Hotel' is wildly fun and comical despite it being a murder mystery film. The film takes you on a chase involving a priceless Renaissance painting and a battle for an enormous family fortune, recounting the adventures of Gustave H and Zero Moustafa. Ironically, much of the film's action and plot are staged outside the hotel, which Anderson could've explored more seeing as it was revered to be 'grand' throughout the film after all. A worthy note would be the world Wes Anderson has created once again, The Grand Budapest Hotel and the fictional providence of Zubrowka is warm and vibrant, set against the backdrop of a changing continent soon to enter a war. The pairing of Fiennes and Revolori as the lead characters are surprising and delightful despite being new faces to Anderson's films. While much of the supporting characters are Anderson staples such as Adrien Brody, Willem Dafoe Edward Norton, and Bill Murray. The pair truly capture the bond of Gustave H and Zero, the characters' relationship and its development is heart-warming and bittersweet while the dramatization capture the whimsical signature of Anderson. Anderson is quite skilled in crafting adolescent and juvenile characters that we've seen in 'Rushmore,' 'The Royal Tenenbaums,' and 'Moonrise Kingdom,' but his recent take on grown-up characters is still improving.'The Grand Budapest Hotel' features Wes Anderson essentials-a beautiful and vibrant production design, quirky and eccentric characters, romantic subplot, a warm filter, and a deceptive visual style- that leaves almost nothing to complain about and much to adore.