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Polvere torrent reviews

Ellie L (ca) wrote: aka A Golden Christmas 2

John M (it) wrote: Full of awesome cliches like people being sexy by eating olives off of toothpicks and jilted lovers waiting at home in the dark so they can turn the lights on dramatically when their other half slinks back in

Ade A (it) wrote: A mixed bag. But once again, the critics miss the mark. I don't see it as voyeur or male fantasy, both in the way in which the male callers were shot and Randle's performance. It wasn't about sex, you dolts, it was about the need for connection. As for the claim about the girl falling down the elevator shaft being a blatant representation of Girl 6s own descent, that again is incorrect, or at least incomplete. Much like the She Hate Me subplot with the whistleblower, it's commentary on how black people are memorialized, or ARE NOT, via media and history and its implications on a modern-day struggling actress whose story and struggle is almost always ignored.

Silvia L (us) wrote: schoene Bilder, bewegende Geschichten

Anders A (br) wrote: Jarmusch, always with a vision and style. Blending in five different scenes of people with such between-worlds needs and life-situations. A study of the differ of the human man. First a young girl with her life planned, sticking to it even though gold is offered. Secondly a man without any skills, positive to the bone even when there is no shreds of hope. Third a blind girl with better eyesight than the seeing man. Forth a babbling mess without any reach for other than himself, scuffling away from any problem. And last a wounded logical fin, longing for the problems others getting drunkfaced over.

Richard S (br) wrote: Just OK Sherlock Holmes film.

Augustine H (ru) wrote: A classical romance with memorable performances from Hugh Grant and Julia Roberts.

Roy O (fr) wrote: Great movie, great music. Will Ferrell actually can act; and even sing a little. Feel good movie that shows good guys can win.

VJ H (kr) wrote: All that a bunch of rough east London kids need is a cool black teacher to tell them not to be sluts!I understand why people like this film: it's sentimental, it's idealistic and it has a catchy pop theme tune. But, it's really misguided. How prudish is Sydney Poitier's character?! What exactly is he teaching these kids?! Where is the overt racism that you'd expect?! I didn't enjoy watching this.

Mario J (kr) wrote: Una copia mal hecha de Hostal, todo el principio hace que la pelcula parezca ms de unos amigos vacacionando que una gore. 4/10